Chapter 492.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s take a stroll!
I went around the back of the kitchen and met Shin.

“Oh, Shin. Are you on a break?”
“Wha? Ojou, why are you here… oopsy, yes, that’s correct, Ojousama.”
“At this point, I don’t care if you stop trying to change the way you speak. Are you going back to the servants’ quarters?”
“I’m not. The Head Chef is too noisy. Ah~ there’s a good napping spot over th… no, it’s nothing.”

Crap! He was making such a face, but it was too late.

“Can I tag along?”
“Eh~! Why not.”
“This is a servant’s valuable rest time.”
“Ugh, if you say that…”

It’s a pretty hard job for a cook to prepare meals for dozens of people every day.
I understand that it’s hard to use fire on a hot summer day and cold water on a cold winter day to prepare and cook the amount of food they have to prepare, because I cook myself…
It’s important to rest before starting the next job.
It would be unreasonable of me, his employer’s daughter, to disturb him.

“Then, that being the case. Ah, right. The vegetable garden built over there is your doing, right?”
“Eh, a vegetable garden!?”
“The gardeners were working hard on it, since it was your request or something.”
“…! I’m going to take a look! Thank you, Shin!”


At my words, Shin waved his hand and walked toward the thicket.
Oh, yes, that’s right.
When Otousama asked me if there was anything I wanted as a gift for my enrollment, I told him that I wanted a vegetable garden similar to the one at our fief’s estate, only on a smaller scale.
The Royal Capital is where you can get all kinds of vegetables, but the freshness wasn’t so good.
I thought it would be nice if we could have a vegetable garden like the one in our fief, so I asked him for it.
Okaasama was reluctant, but I said, “Eating a lot of fresh vegetables is good for your beauty,” and she agreed right away. As expected, beauty stuff works best against Okaasama!
After seeing Shin off, I headed toward the vegetable garden, which was more than just a small patch of vegetables I thought it was.

“… Eh?”

Wow, that’s huge! Compared to this, the fief’s is just a homely vegetable garden, you know?
Eh, I’m so grateful and sorry… that I let the gardeners who manage this magnificent garden get this far.
Right now it looks like they have just planted the seedlings and seeds.
But if it grows… in the summer, it will produce so many vegetables that we won’t be able to use it all. I wonder if things will go alright?

“If there are leftovers, we will just have to share with the servants… ah.”

As I looked out over the field, I saw a gardener carrying seedlings from the other side, and I ran over to help him work the field.
In the end, he refused, saying, “It would be outrageous of me to let Ojousama work in the fields!” I was turned down. I’m dejected.
I guess I will just have to go to the kitchen to stockpile…
I took Kurogane and Mashiro with me, and we trudged off to the kitchen.

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