Chapter 492.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s take a stroll!
The teriyaki mayo Orc Donburi was a hit with everyone in the family.
Otousama had to have two second helpings.
He said in a whisper, “After all, my daughter’s cooking is the best…” but I think the one he ate was made by the Head Chef, right? Too bad!
He’s so casual when it comes to food that sometimes I get worried about him.

After lunch, I decided to take a walk in the garden.
The stockpile in my inventory was getting low and I wanted to replenish it, but I had been busy ever since I entered the academy.

I think I could use a little time to relax.
Our garden is well tended by the gardener and filled with colorful flowers.
The garden in our fief’s estate was lovely, but the garden here, in the royal capital, was even more amazing.
It would be unthinkable to have a fountain at home, wouldn’t it?
This fountain has a water magic stone built into it that purifies and circulates the water.
Mashiro told me that the gardener told him that the price of one of these magic stones was enough for a commoner to live on for the rest of their life.

Kurogane and Mashiro occasionally patrol the grounds of the Royal Capital and the estate premises in human forms.
Miria once told me that they often talk with the servants.
Kurogane is a handsome man and seems to be very popular with the maids.

Mashiro, on the other hand, is popular not only with the maids but also with the elderly because of his looks. Does that mean they love him like a grandchild?
On the other hand, she said that they are feared by all the guards.
They are both so strong even in human forms, after all.

Mashiro is not good at swordplay, but in Kumite, he can throw even adults bigger than himself.
Mashiro’s original form was Holy Bear, so he must be very powerful even in human form.

Kurogane is said to be accustomed to fighting even in human form, and uses his sword and magic to kick the guards to the curb.
It’s not hard to see why, since Kurogane is so dexterous and agile.

I was strolling around with them in tow, and the stares from the people around me were incredible.
I know it is impolite to stare at me, the daughter of their employer (Otousama), so everyone was sneaking glances at me, but it was quite obvious, wasn’t it?
I knew I shouldn’t, but I was worried about what they were whispering to each other while looking at me, so I secretly enhanced my hearing with enhancement magic.


“Haah… today’s provided meal was so delicious, right?”
“Yes, truly! Whenever Cristea-sama is here, the Head Chef puts a lot of effort into cooking, which makes the provided meals even tastier than usual. I’m so glad she’s back this weekend.”

… Eh? Me?
The maids looked like they were melting not because of the Kurogane and Mashiro, but because of the food!?

“Oh! It’s Cristea-sama, Kurogane-sama, and Mashiro-sama.”
“Really. My, today’s meal was so delicious, I ate a lot.”
“Me too! I’m really thankful that I get to eat whatever Cristea-sama and the rest are eating.”
“Right, right! Nowadays, people are jealous of me simply because I work for the Dukes Ellisfeed! I don’t think I could work anywhere else…”
“I get it. On top of that, the rumors that Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama are actually Sacred Beasts that are contracted to Cristea-sama started spreading among the nobility.”
“Making contracts with multiple Sacred Beasts, Cristea-sama really is incredible, isn’t she…”
“She can invent delicious meals, she has a lot of magic power, and she can contract multiple Sacred Beasts, is our Ojousama perhaps a Goddess or something?”
“””That must be it!”””

Ehhh?? Why are even the guards saying something like that??

“Fuh… those guys finally realized the truth.”

Kurogane, Mashiro? Don’t whisper to each other with such pride. I can hear you guys!?
Realizing that everyone’s eyes were actually on me, I quickly left the garden.

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