Chapter 491.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What should I make with the Orc meat?
“N~… since I’m already at it, let’s do terimayo donburi too.”
“Teriyaki sauce with mayonnaise. It’s very rich and tasty.”

I chuckled as the two gulped down, and started making the sauce.
I took out the Yahatul sake, mirin, soy sauce, and the leftover mayonnaise that I had stored in my inventory.
The sauce was ready when I mixed in the mayonnaise in a 2:1 ratio.
After asking Shin to shred the cabbage, I started working on the meat.
I cut the Orc meat into smaller pieces so that it is easier to eat with a spoon. Then, lightly seasoned it with salt and pepper, dusted it with potato starch, and placed the meat in a hot frying pan with oil and fried it over medium heat.
When the color of the Orc meat changed and it was properly cooked, i stir-fried it while tossing in the sauce, and then it was ready to eat after lightly draining off the liquid.
Uhaa… that smells good.

“Serve rice, with cabbage on top of that, then the teriyaki Orc meat… and.”

Add a dash of extra sauce, and you’ve got a teriyaki mayo pork… Orc donburi!
Gulp… I heard two loud gulps, so I handed them both small bowls for tasting, and deciding to have a little myself.
Oh yes, I have to save some for Kurogane and Mashiro.
I stored the teriyaki mayo Orc donburi for three in my inventory…

“”I… itadakimasu!!!””

I grabbed a well-balanced chuck of meat, cabbage and rice with chopsticks and brought it to my mouth.
The richly flavored Orc meat mixed with the crispy cabbage, and the rice that brings it all together… wow, it’s delicious.
If you don’t like the crunchy texture of cabbage, you can steam it to soften it.
You can also combine other vegetables.
I think the more vegetables you have, the better it goes with the sweet and spicy sauce.

“This is… strongly flavored, but the cabbage and the rice do a good job of neutralizing… or perhaps even enhancing… the rice… the cabbage accentuates the monotonous texture and refreshes the palate, after a dose of the heavy sauce…”


Oou, Head Chef exploded with his food report.

“Well, now you know how to make it, don’t you? Can I ask you to do the rest?”

The Head Chef, who was slightly taken aback by his intoxicated state, seemed to come to his senses, wiped his mouth quickly, and straightened his posture.

“Yes, of course! Thank you very much for your guidance!”

Shin who had his head held by the Head Chef to forcefully bow to me, said, “No, I didn’t get any guidance!” And so, I quickly left the kitchen, with the delicious smell of the teriyaki wafting from behind me.
Haah… it might be easier to cook without holding back in the special dormitory…

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