Chapter 491.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What should I make with the Orc meat?
After breakfast, Kurogane and Mashiro went out for a walk on the premises, so I was alone in my room, relaxing and enjoying my tea while thinking about the lunch menu.
Well, the Orc meat had already been cut, so I decided to make the most of it… Well, maybe I will try teriyaki.
When it comes to teriyaki, I tend to choose chicken, but pork is also delicious. Of course, fish is also good.
Yeah, we made a light breakfast, so I want something a little more substantial for lunch.
And even though teriyaki is teriyaki, if I change it up a bit, Head Chef will be pleased, even if it’s not a completely new dish.
Alright, now that’s decided, let’s hurry up and do it right.
I told Miria that I was going to the kitchen and left the room.

When I entered the kitchen, the Head Chef was waiting for me.
What, how long has he been there… I hope he wasn’t waiting for me all this time!?

“Cristea-sama, I was waiting for you! This is the Orc meat!”

The Head Chef ran to the refrigerated room in a flash, took out the pre-cut Orc meat, and placed it on the cooking table with a thud

“T, thanks…”
“Do you plan on doing shougayaki as planned? Or…”
I’d like something new… he was looking at me with such eyes.
I knew he would ask!

“… I’m thinking of doing teriyaki today.”
“Teriyaki… with pork meat?”

Ah~ I taught him teriyaki with poultry before, so he has a fixed image that teriyaki works only with poultry, I guess.


“Teriyaki does not work only with poultry. The sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce can be used in many ways. It goes well with hamburgers and fish, as well as Orc meat.”

Ah, right. Teriyaki hamburgers are also great. I want to eat it as a set with a potato!
Let’s make it in the dormitory next time.

“Ohh… so it goes well with fish, too! That sauce sure could go almost on anything…”

The Head Chef began to take notes, but I left him alone and started cooking.
I took out my usual apron from the inventory and put it on. Then I washed my hands and used Clear magic all over my body just to be safe.

“Well then, let’s do it.”

At that moment, I captured Shin, who was passing by the cooking area, and appointed him as my assistant.
He mumbled something about how he was still in the middle of his break, but… fuhaha, he was just a member of this group. Give up.
Having said that, cooking this is easy.

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