Chapter 493.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s make some snacks!
I sneaked a peek inside through the back door of the kitchen and saw the Head Chef checking the equipment while glancing toward the doorway.
… I wonder if that’s him watching to see if I’m coming in?
That’s why he rushed in as soon as I entered earlier.
The Head Chef is on a precious break, so he shouldn’t be waiting for me, since he doesn’t know if I’m coming or not… Also, I’m afraid it’s a bit stalker-like.
But maybe he will stay like this until work time if I don’t come.
I felt sorry for him when I thought about that, so I suppressed the urge to leave and went in straight through the back door after casting a Clear spell on ourselves.

“Eh? Cristea-sma!? What is the matter, why have you come in through the backdoor!?”

The Head Chef was surprised to see me coming in from an unexpected place, but rushed up to me.

“I went to take a look at the vegetable garden and came straight here. I hope I’m not interrupting you.”
“No, not at all! It’s you after all, Cristea-sama!”

Just because it’s me doesn’t mean… that it’s okay.

“Are you going to make something? I will be your assistant, and I’m at your disposal to provide you with all the tools and ingredients you need!”
“T, thanks… then…”

I had the Head Chef prepare flour, sugar, butter, eggs, black tea leaves and matcha for me.
For the black tea leaves, I asked for Kurogane and Mashiro to grind them to powder in a mortar.
I prepared two bowls and cracked the room temperature eggs, butter, and sugar, into each, then I added the flour. In one bowl, I added the finely crushed black tea leaves and in the other, I added the matcha and mixed them with a spatula until there were no lumps.
Once it was all mixed together, I had the Head Chef preheat the magic oven while it sat in the refrigerated room for 10 to 15 minutes.
While waiting, we all divided up and cleaned up the utensils that were used.
The Head Chef was a little embarrassed, but it would be awkward to just make the dough and leave the cleanup to others.
After stretching the dough with a rolling pin and making it uniform in thickness, I cut it into pieces with a knife, placed it on a baking sheet, and baked it…


“Black tea and matcha flavored cookies are ready!”

Cookies that are moist after some time are delicious, but tasting freshly baked cookies is a privilege for those who made them.
Well, they will stay freshly baked if I keep them in my inventory.
I made a lot of them, so I will keep the fresh ones and the cooled ones separately.
I brewed a cup of tea and handed out a few freshly baked cookies to each of the members for tasting.

“Well, let’s enjoy them.”

I tasted the still slightly warm cookie.
I started with the black tea one.
Yes, they are simple cookies, but with the addition of tea leaves, the aroma spreads softly which makes them seem more brilliant.
They go well with black tea, and in my previous life, I used to make them a lot because they were so easy to use with tea bags.
The matcha has a… unique flavor that you may or may not like, but once you get used to it, it’s very addictive.
I remember I used to make this one a lot too.

“Haah… they may be both teas, but it’s nice to enjoy the different properties even though they were made with the same ingredients…”

The Head Chef was completely relaxed as he sipped his tea.
After all, I made him work as my assistant, so I hope this time, he will enjoy his break. Thinking so, I took my time to enjoy the cookies and tea.
During that time, I was bombarded with questions about the dinner menu and dishes, but the Head Chef seemed to be enjoying himself, so it was okay… But am I the only one who is afraid of that expectant, almost adoring stare…? …(Disheartened)
At any rate, I left the kitchen, telling him that I would be returning to the dorm tomorrow and would not be cooking meals anymore, and that if possible I would like to cook rice for stockpiling tomorrow morning, and that I would give him a list later so that he could prepare ingredients I could take back to the dormitory with me.
I stored the cookies in my inventory in their freshly baked state, so I will wrap some of them in small portions later.

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