Chapter 219

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It’s not a contest!
Shin and I could only watch Kurogane’s and Mashiro’s high-speed Mochi pounding while dumbfounded.
Pound, pound… the sound we were supposed to hear is so fast it became popopopopopopo… just how?

“… Ha! Wha, stop, stooop!”

I came to my senses and stopped the two.

“… The match, still not decided though?”
“Umu. I was about to increase the speed even further just now.”

Disappointed expressions floated on the two’s faces.

“No, no, this is not a contest, alright? Look, hasn’t the Omochi already risen.”

Tsukkoming the two people, I looked at the condition of the Mochi.

Ohh… what a smooth skin… I mean, Mochi!
The still-steaming Omochi is smooth and glassy. It looks very delicious.

“… Yeah. It’s ready. Now then, we have to quickly round the Omochi!”

Promptly storing the Omochi in my Inventory, I took out the wooden table I found in the mansion and stealthily stored and cast Clear magic on it. Then, I spread the Mochi powder on top of it so that Mochi wouldn’t stick to the table, and then I took out the Omochi and placed it on top!

“Now, let’s roll! … But, before that…”

Eating the freshly pounded Mochi is a special privilege of the Mochi pounders.
I tore off a few small samples, sprinkled them simply with sweet soy sauce and Kinako and put them on a plate.

“They are the most delicious right after being made, so let’s have a little! Ah! It’s hot, soft and easily sticks to the throat, so be careful, alright?”

I said such and incited everyone to taste.
Whoops, let’s put the Omochi into the Inventory so it doesn’t get cold just in case.

Now then, I will have this first Omochi!

I picked up two of the small rounded Mochi.
First, the sweet soy sauce one…
Plop, I dipped it into the soy sauce and chomped on it.

“Aafu! Hot!”

I was surprised by the heat of the Omochi after telling everyone to be careful.
… What is this. It’s super-duper delicious! So soft, and the elasticity…!
It’s stretching wonderfully!
I heard in my past life that high-speed Mochi pounding makes it more delicious, but it was true…!
I’m glad I decided on a fixed amount of sampling. It looks like I could eat it all.

Haa, that was yummy.

Yeah, the Kinako one next…
This morning I recalled When it comes to Mochi, it’s Kinako, isn’t it! and made it in a similar way as the Mochi powder. It was for sampling so I didn’t make much though…
Uwaa… Kinako is tightly entwined with the piping hot Omochi… there’s no way it wouldn’t be tasty!
When I put a piece in my mouth, the harmony of Kinako and Omochi spread through my entire mouth… ahh, what a taste of happiness…!

“D… delicious…!”

Fuwaa… right now, a loose and undisciplined expression is surely floating on my face. Eh? It happens every time I eat something delicious? … I will have you leave me alone! It’s so delicious that it makes me happy, so it can’t be helped!

I wanted to try one with Anko too, but there are not enough sampling pieces, so I will endure.

“… Yeah, tasty! It caught my interest just after eating a little and it also seems to be fulfilling.”

Shin let out a comment of a youngster with a hearty appetite.
It certainly makes you feel filled up. Moreover, the calories are… good.
I have to be careful when letting Okaasama eat. She will definitely be interested in this.
Generally, delicious things are high in calories after all…

“Crista, this, is yummy!”

Ahhh… he has Kinako all over his mouth.
When you enthusiastically laugh with Kinako all over his mouth like this, your handsomeness gets ruined…
I wiped his mouth with a wet handkerchief.

“Cristea, thanks~”

No, no, you are welcome.

“Umu. Delicious. I prefer this soy sauce one. I would prefer if the sweetness was more modest.”

It looks like Kurogane would enjoy Norimaki Mochi.
Since he waited for it to cool down a bit, he ate it in one bite without disgracing himself. How shrewd.

“Now then! We have sampled it, so let’s make it round for easier eating!”

I took out the Omochi from my Inventory and we started diligently rolling them up.

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