Chapter 195

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Well-deserved mofu time.
After finishing the bacon preparations while hearing Shin’s old stories about Guild Master, I was relaxing and drinking black tea in my room.

“Ha~… what a hectic day that was…”

Mofuing Kurogane and Mashiro who returned to their Sacred Beast forms, I could finally take a breather from people.

Woah~… mofu paradise after such a long time… I’m getting healed…
Currently, I’m in the middle of brushing Kurogane. He’s enjoying the thorough brushing with his eyes closed in comfort.

“I’m sorry, Kurogane… you had to register as an adventurer…”

The circumstances progressed without paying mind to Kurogane’s will, so I was full of guilty feelings.

“Don’t mind it. It’s a simple thing if it’s for Lord’s sake. Besides, I would be able to grandiosely stay by Lord’s side as a guard. When you think about it like that, then the current circumstances aren’t that bad.”
“You think so? That’s good then…”

Although you say that, I would rather if you grandiosely stayed in the Sacred Beast form though.

… Wouldn’t it be better to get over with it and announce my contracts with the Sacred Beasts? It will get exposed soon anyway. But, Kurogane’s enduring would come to naught then…

“Me too, will register as an adventurer!”

While endlessly worrying in deep thoughts, Mashiro suddenly declared his intention to register as an adventurer.

“Eh? Why?”
“Me too, will become adventurer, and guard Cristea!”

Oou… what a good child you are… Mashiro…

“I will gratefully accept your feeling. But, wouldn’t it be judged too early to register as adventurer because of your appearances?”
“That can’t be…!”

Shock! Mashiro stiffened in disappointment.
Plop, he placed his face on top of my lap and looked at me sorrowfully.
Ugh…! A, aren’t you adorable!

His cunningness makes my heart tighten too.

“… B, but you see? Having a person close to my age by my side wouldn’t be strange, so there will be times when it will be easier for you to protect me, right? At that time, I wish you could protect me instead of Kurogane?”
“…! Yea! Me too, will do my best to protect Cristea!”

Sparkle! Mashiro revived. Ahh, how cute. Please stay as my adorable Mashiro forever, okay?

“Say, say, Cristea?”
“N? What is it?”

When I started brushing Mashiro whose mood recovered, he playfully asked me.

“When are we going to eat the souvenirs I caught for you?”

The souvenirs Mashiro caught… ah! Sharken!

I stored them in the Inventory as they were!
The long-awaited Sharken! And Ikura! To forget about that, how careless of me!

“Yeah, we should eat them quickly, shouldn’t we?”
“Yup, I’m looking forward to it! Cristea would want to eat them, I thought, so I returned without eating them myself, you know?”

Aaaaah! I’m sorry, Mashiro! I have completely forgotten…!
Let’s eat Sharken together, alright!

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