Chapter 196

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Let’s dismantle that which I have forgotten about.
Remembering the Sharken Mashiro brought, I went to the kitchen in a hurry.

“Huh? What’s the matter, Ojou? I have stored the meat in the cold room already?”

I was found by Shin the moment I entered the kitchen.

“Ah, yeah. That’s fine. May I borrow a little bit of place?”
“N? We have finished stocking up, so I think there shouldn’t be a problem, but…”

I borrowed a corner with sink and started working.

Erm… I have handled salmon in my past life, but this will be my first time as Cristea, so let’s practice by preparing the Sharken normally first. While thinking such, I retrieved one Sharken from my Inventory.

Ohh… what a splendid salmon… no, Sharken! It looks like I can have expectations for this.

Relying on my past life’s memories, I filleted the Sharken. I carefully avoided and took out the roe… I then cut the Sharken according to the dish I have in mind and just lightly salt it this time.

Now then, today’s main event starts here! Welcome Roe-san to the stage! Clap, clap, clap, clap…! (in mind applause)

I fill a bowl with lukewarm water, add plenty of salt and put the roe in.
Once inside, I unfasten the eggs and remove the skein. I very so~ftly rinse the eggs in the water.

With this, the Ikura is complete.
Uwaa… there’s so many Ikura-chans…! I will be able to make Donburi with heaps of Ikura that I couldn’t make in my past life!
Just in case, I have confirmed with Kurogane that it has no parasites and begun making Shoyu Zuke.
After mixing it with wine and soy sauce, I stored it in the cold room.
I have no Tupperware or wrap, so I put it in a clean dishcloth on a large plate and covered it with lid.
With this, I will be able to make Ikura Donburi with this Ikura Shoyu Zuke tomorrow. Ah, I can’t wait~!


The dinner menu has already been decided, but I hurriedly changed the soup into a cream stew with Sharken, chicken meat, and vegetables.

… Rather, everyone in the kitchen was staring at the cream stew I made for Mashiro and I was uneasy that they might eat it, so I asked the Head Chef whether I should come back later to make more with everyone, and thus change the menu.
The Head Chef was watching from the front row though… he immediately gave me his OK.

Mashiro, Kurogane and Kaguya all said “Delicious!” at the stew I somehow managed to save. I also ate the stew earlier for the sake of Mashiro who was enduring to eat together.
The salmon… not, the Sharken really matches with creamy dishes, doesn’t it… I nearly overate myself and almost missed the dinner. That was a close one.

In all honesty, I wanted to eat Sashimi, but it looked like I would be stopped by everyone, so I plan to make it in secret later. Just in case, I plan to move forward only with Kurogane’s parasite check.

Right, right, I can also make a smoked salmo… Sharken. I just wanted to test the cold smoking anyway.

At the dinner, Okaasama who likes creamy dishes was eating with great relish as I expected.
… There are still things like Gratin and Doria left…
I’m worried about Okaasama’s weight.
… I must be careful so she doesn’t overeat.

Otousama seems like he has liked the Sharken and chicken stew as well.
He was quite surprised when I told him that one of the ingredients was Sharken.

Fufufu… its flesh is not the only yummy thing there is, you know?
Tomorrow, I will eat Ikura to my heart’s content, okay!

Ahh, can’t wait!

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