Chapter 197

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Cooling down is important.
The next day, I went for a stroll.
I have finished the Orc meat and Sharken preparations after the visit to the Adventurer’s Guild yesterday, so I think a carefree walk without having to think about anything once in a while is good.
… That’s just an excuse. I had no confidence in getting involved with the mountain of Ikura in the kitchen.
Just a little okay…? A little bit more… ahh, I can’t stop! Such development is way too easy to imagine.

Yeah, I should spend this quiet time occasionally, shouldn¨t I?

“Oh? Lord, that mushroom is delicious.”
“Eh? Which one!?”
“This one. It tastes really good when boiled.”
“You mean it could be used for dashi? Woah! There are so many of them! … Ah.”

I hate the gluttony that made me immediately retrieve a basket from my Inventory and start picking the mushrooms…

The carefree stroll has abruptly become a picking time… but, my hand won’t stop.
When I hear delicious, there’s no “not going to eat” choice.

I’m grateful to Kurogane and his appraisal who allowed me to distinguish edible wild grasses and mushrooms.
If I had a worry then that would be discovering and picking the edible wild grasses and mushrooms without thinking after enrolling into the academy…

If, even though I might be a joke, Duke Ellisfeed’s daughter would kneel in front of what would seem like a weed from outsider’s perspective and started pulling it out while saying “This is very delicious, you know? Ah! That mushroom has aphrodisiac effects…”, that would be the day of my end…
I have no doubt that this: “As I thought, the daughter of Duke Ellisfeed was a repulsive food eating lady” would be everyone’s impression of me…

No… well, I am already being called repulsive food eating lady, so I really can’t help but worry about it.

I mean, wouldn’t you want to be defended “She’s not repulsive food eating lady! She’s a wonderful lady!” by your newly made friends?

I try to imagine that scene.

… Yeah, that’s impossible!
Doesn’t it look like my true colors would be exposed rather quickly!?
… It’s finemon, I will go look around for tasty things with Oniisama or Mashiro and others during the weekends.

… Ugh, I want girl friends of the same age. I want to eat sweets together while giggling and chuckling…

Otousama and others are under impression that I have a girl friend of the same age in Sei, but nope!
Sei is (pretty much) a boy friend of mine and a comrade in loving Yahatul (Japanese) food.

Ah, I could go around the restaurants with Sei… oh, that’s not good. He’s going to enroll as a boy, so the two of us can’t be seen outside together as we are not engaged. Moreover, if Oniisama found out that Sei is the Bastea Company’s Ichima-san, he would surely scold me severely.

It would be unnatural for us to be together unless the two of us will be going to the same class… I will have to bring everyone’s gifts in secret via warp.

Before that, I will have to let Sei, Byakko-sama and others eat many delicious things, huh.

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