Chapter 198

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It’s the long-cherished… jewel box of sea~!
The so-called stroll ended up in collecting and I have decided to return to the mansion.

Today’s lunch is a rather light sandwich. Thinly sliced bacon, scrambled eggs and lettuce sandwich. I have to show the many recipes of bacon without a delay.

“Hou… bacon goes well with eggs, huh…”

Otousama ate the sandwich happily.
Huh? You have none? Eh? Seconds? That was quick!

Huh? Otousama, is it fine that you don’t go to the capital for work? Eh? You went and quickly returned home by warp? … Otousama, can you really afford to use the warp circle this casually?

“The capital’s mansion doesn’t have Cristea’s cooking after all.”

You are saying that so cheerfully, but I’m going to be living in the capital soon because of the academy, you know? Ha? You will stay there on the weekends? … Okaasama too?
Haa, is that so…

Eh? Head Chef as well? … You probably shouldn’t come, you know?
It’s no good even if you cry.
Head Chef, you can’t come even through the chef exchange, right…?
Head Chef is going to protect the delicious meals of the Ellisfeed House.

… Somehow, Head Chef’s expression sparkled as if he was thunderstruck and exclaimed “I have received your official appointment! I shall protect the flavor of Ojousama’s recipes!” immediately after…

Eh? What official appointment are you talking about? I haven’t said anything so exaggerating, right?? I just wanted to tell you to continue making delicious food with everyone though… oy~

… Ah, he’s not listening, is he?
“I am Ojousama’s best apprentice, so it’s only natural for me to protect them!” he keeps on nodding though…
What’s that? I don’t know anything about apprentices though!?
… Let’s not ask further.

Looking at Otousama who wanted another helping, I promised to make Dorayaki for the afternoon tea at his request. Well, I do have a stock of Anko, so it’s fine…


“Ufufufufu… the time has come at last…!”
“Ojou, you are letting our a creepy laugh, you know?”

Silence! Shin, you.. said a word too much!

It’s finally the time in the kitchen! A meeting with the Ikura Shoyu Zuke!


The sparkly, shining Ikura, what a sensual form it has…!
Ahh, I want to drown in the sea of Ikura…!
It’s like opening a jewel box. So fascinating… waan…

Ha! Whoops not good, I let out a prohibited comment of a certain Sacred Beast.
I definitely feel like I got influenced. I have to be more careful.

A, a mouthful first… chomp.

Oh… ohh… this is a deliciousness that is by no means inferior to the Ikura Shoyu Zuke from my past life…!

The Ikura are bursting open in my mouth and its taste is spreading through my mouth…
O, one more… ha! Not good. Self-control, self-control…!
Cristea, what have you endured so long for?
It’s to enjoy Ikura Donburi to your heart’s content, isn’t it!? Endure, control yourself…! Ugh.

I serve rice into a bowl, take out green perilla from my Inventory and finely chop it.

I was wavering about Sumeshi, but I remembered that I hadn’t made Sushi yet… people might get startled by Sumeshi, so I decided to use normal rice.

Place Ikura on top… a heap, a mountain… haaa… what an extravagance this is.
Let’s garnish it with as much Ikura as possible. Let’s do that.
Cut Nori is all about one’s preferences, so I will put that aside. People seem to be worried about dark food for some reason.

The truth is that I wanted to prepare the body of the fish as well, but Sashimi still seems like a big hurdle, so I decided on making something else first.

Now! The actual tasting of the long-cherished Ikura Donburi!

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