Chapter 487.1

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Additional report…!?
Having enjoyed the curry with pork cutlet, I was completely full, so I decided to return to my room without having after-meal tea.
Curry is really delicious. I ate too much.
Deciding to rest early today, I was on my way to my room with Kurogane and Mashiro when Oniisama stopped me.

“Tea, can I have a word?”
“My, Oniisama. Is something the matter?”
“Yeah, I have something else to report to Father, and I was wondering if you could go with me.”
“Eh? S, sure…”
“Let’s go then. Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama can rest in your rooms. I’ll be responsible for taking Tea back.”

When Oniisama said that with a smile, Kurogane and Mashiro stepped before me without budging.

“How can I protect my Lord if I don’t go where she goes?”
“We are naturally going, too.”
“… It’s just a talk between family members, so there won’t be any danger.”
“I don’t see why it would be a bad idea for me to follow. I’m coming with you.”
“Of course, I’m going too!”
“… Understood. Let’s go then, Tea.”

Oniisama let out a small sigh, but seemed to quickly change his mind, turning to me and holding out his hand with a smile.


I took Oniisama’s hand and headed for Otousama’s office.
Kurogane and Mashiro followed us, but they looked unhappy.
Hmm, this is going to be a long brushing course.
I wonder what the report is anyway…
Was there anything I forgot to report?
I thought I had finished explaining most of it before dinner…
Maybe I’ve been bothering Oniisama in some way that I don’t know about…!?
Come to think of it, the student council was suddenly put in charge of security and organizing the entrance and exit of the venue for today’s debut.
Maybe there were other things going on while I was cooped up in the dormitory.
If that’s the case, I have to listen to what they have to say.
Since I have caused trouble for His Highness Raymond and the student council, I might as well offer them some snacks.

“Umm, Oniisama. What kind of sweets should I bring for the student council?”

As you can imagine, it would be impossible to bring in dorayaki or youkan, so I wonder if I could make some baked goods and leave them with Oniisama.
Or should I bring them to them and apologize in person?

“A gift for the student council? Why?”

Oniisama looked at me with a puzzled look. Huh?

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