Chapter 486.2

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Magnificent dinner.
That’s because the curry spice preparation is the key to the curry recipe, and if anyone other than me knew the recipe for the spice preparation, that person might be attacked by those who want the recipe, so it’s better to keep it a secret or something… No, that’s absurd, right?

I learned later that he probably did not want to be involved as a cook because he did not know what the Apothecary Guild would say if they found out that a layman other than an apothecary was mixing medicinal herbs, or that an amateur like him was using such expensive herbs for cooking.
I mean, when the Head Chef of the Royal Capital wanted to know the recipe for the curry, Shin quietly whispered it to him and his face turned pale, and he said, “I’m good, after all! It’s Cristea-sama’s secret recipe!” and declined…

But I don’t want to make curry for everyone by myself, so I decided to leave the rest of the cooking to Shin and the Head Chef, although I have to mix the spices myself. Or rather, I forced them.

The night before we left for the dormitory, when I entrusted them with the spices I had prepared, their faces cramped, and they wondered if they had to put a safe in the kitchen.

When I laughed at them and said: “They are just spices, you are exaggerating”, the two lamented in torment, saying: “Don’t you understand that it would be worth a fortune if you can analyze it!?”. Incomprehensible.
Even though, in a previous life, curry has been so common that it was called a national dish… this is painful.
However, I am glad that I am a daughter of a rich Duke.
Otherwise, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to reproduce it even now.
Hm, maybe I will ask Otousama to build a plantation to grow medicinal herbs for curry spices.
If we can get a stable supply, we will be able to serve it at a lower price.
In the future, if I were to open a restaurant or inn, I would not be able to serve a menu where everything costed over a gold coin.
No, wait, I have no plans to open a restaurant in the first place. Mariel-chan was very motivated, though.

As I sat down, escorted by Oniisama, thinking things over, the Head Chef had Shin push the wagon and entered the dining room with great enthusiasm.

“Hearing that Cristea-sama returned on short notice, we had prepared a special menu today.”

Head Chef bowed reverently as he said this, while Shin bowed bluntly.

“Hou? Special menu, huh. We are looking forward to it. Right, Cristea.”
“Y, yeah.”

Otousama broached the subject, so I hurriedly nodded.
… Even if you say it’s a special menu, I can tell by smell that this is curry, okay?


“Today’s menu is this.”

What was put in front of us after saying that was, of course, curry. But…

“Katsu curry?”

Curry is curry, but it was a hearty cutlet curry, with plenty of roux poured over rice and a doughy Orckatsu enshrined on top of it.

“Ohh, as expected of Cristea-sama! So you already had an idea like this. I named it: Curry Rice ~Floating Orc Cutlets in a Splendid Spring~, but Katsu curry, huh. I see… simple and precise naming, its image floats in brain just by hearing its name… wonderful!”

… No, it doesn’t.
Head Chef’s is pushing me as his Oshi*** too much.
I would like to interject on many things, including his naming sense, but since Otousama and others had their eyes glued to the Orckatsu curry, it would be too much of me to delay any longer…

***Favorite idol

“… Well then, let’s try this special menu, katsu curry. Let’s eat.”
“Umu, let’s eat.”

At the sound of Otousama’s voice, everyone reached for their spoons, as if they had been waiting for these words.

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