Chapter 78

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(Crown Prince POV) Was this encounter inevitable? 3
“… Hey, Norman. Don’t you want to return to your fief’s home during the summer holidays?”

Ever since Norman enrolled into the academy, he spent most weekends and long term holidays in his family’s capital’s mansion, so he could stay with me as my aide.

“I don’t know what mess would Prince Ray make in my absence, so I can’t quietly return home without worrying.”

Norman replied disrespectfully without any hesitation. What mess would I make? There’s nothing to worry about, you know?

“However… you have a rare break, shouldn’t you spend it with your family?”

Then, I schemed to meet Norman’s little sister in the guise of going to play at my friend’s place.

Recently, she seemed to take fancy to Yahatul ingredients as recipes from the Duke’s house were announced one after another. Moreover, all of them are apparently fantastically delicious. Well, it might be a parent’s bias though…
Also, they might actually have a quite skilled chef.

“That’s so, isn’t it… let alone parents, I haven’t seen my little sister in a while.”

Norman who said with such with a smile looked a bit lonely.

“How about returning home during the summer holidays then?”
“… In that case, I will return home for a few days.”

No, no, if it’s only a few days then I won’t be able to intrude.

“Why just a few days, you should stay there for the entire duration of the summer holidays.”

It would be a problem if you left me unattended? In that case…

“I thought of inspecting your fief just recently.”
“Prince Ray!?”
“In the meanwhile, I will be in the Duke House’s care. You will return home and I will be able to relax far away from the royal palace. It’s killing two birds with one stone.”
“Prince Ray…”

When I said with a grin, Norman’s expression seemed a bit complicated.
Pleasing my subjects is my duty as the Crown Prince. Don’t decline.

“Moreover, we will be able to eat your little sister’s tasty food directly!”
“… That was your goal as I thought.”

Oops… smiling with eyes that aren’t smiling at all is scary so stop it. Also, stop cooling the air beyond refreshing too. Please stop it. I beg you.


Thus, the summer holidays arrived.
It has been decided that we will move by the warp circle that is connected to a detached room in the Ellisfeed House. It’s not far so I wanted to go there by horses, but… because precisely because it’s close, Norman didn’t want to trouble the guards too much. Because it’s in the pretext of inspection and visiting my classmate’s house to play, only a few incognito guards were sent with me.
I also wouldn’t like to make it exaggerated by taking numerous guards, so I’m fine with it.

We warped from the capital in a blink of an eye and arrived at the Ellisfeed mansion.
I got no feeling of traveling… with my interest slightly chipping away, I looked around the refined furnishings of the Ellisfeed house which brought a different ambiance from the royal palace and the academy. In the meantime, Norman finished greeting his family, so I left the room after him.

“Ah, Your Highness. My daughter Cristea. Cristea, say hello.”

I exchanged greetings with the Duke couple and the Duke introduced me to his daughter who was standing behind him.

“How do you do, Your Highness. I’m the daughter of Duke Ellisfeed, Cristea.”

A lovely fairy appeared before my eyes.

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