Chapter 79

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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(Crown Prince POV) Was this encounter inevitable? 4
… Right now, there’s a fairy standing in front of me.
She’s slender and tiny with fluffy blonde hair that seems sweet if eaten, and large, dark sky-like blue eyes.
Although she was tense just a moment ago, her curtsey would, without a doubt, receive passing grades even from harsh noble ladies. It was truly beautiful.
… That fiend Norman, I didn’t hear she would be this cute! … No, he constantly spoke about how cute she was.
However… a girl this cute…

“Ah, you are that rumored repulsive food eating lady, huh.”

Crap. I unintentionally…

“The rumored re, repu…?”

She repeated my words and made a face of disbelief… was she not aware?

“It’s a rumor about you being a lady that would eat anything without hesitation, even if it’s horse feed, but?”
“R, repulsive food eating…!?”

She must be quite shocked as she blanked out… not good. I was so bothered by the huge gap between her appearances and the rumors I ended up talking about it.
Norman always tells me that I’m quick to talk for royalty.

“… Your Highness. Would you please stop insulting my little sister?”
“… Sorry.”

Not good. The surrounding air started getting chilly. He must be quite angry. Oy, oy. Miss Cristea is frightened too, you know?

“Sorry about that, Cristea. Even though he looks like this, His Highness was really looking forward to Cristea’s cooking, you know?”


Ohh…! He somehow followed-up after me. As expected of Norman.

“… Well, if I eat it personally and find it delicious, such rumors should disappear when I attest to it.”

That’s right, if I say that your food is delicious, the rumors about you being a repulsive food eating lady will disappear, so don’t worry about it… it looks that your family is already taking care of the rumors, though…

The Duke guided me to a room where tea was prepared. It seems Miss Cristea is not accompanying us. I wanted to talk to her about various things, but… it should be fine to talk with her during dinner.

“Yeah. Miss Cristea, I’m looking forward to today’s dinner!”
“… Yes, I will put all of my skills into it. Please do look forward to it.”

Encouraged with my follow-up, Miss Cristea answered with a sweet smile. Ain’t she a good child?

The cake that was served together with the tea was unbelievably good. It’s apparently called Mille Crepe. This also seems to be Miss Cristea’s invention. I’m sick of confectioneries because they are too sweet, but I could eat an infinite number of these because the amount of sweetness is just right. Rather, it disappeared just like that. I wanted to eat more, but there apparently weren’t any seconds. While feeling downhearted, Miss Cristea offered me her yet to be eaten share. What a kindhearted girl she is. Norman and Duke wanted to snatch it from me out of jealousy, but they were stopped by Miss Cristea.
I’m curious about the dorayaki she talked about, but I gave up since it would be rude if I wasn’t able to eat the long-awaited dinner. Though, I would like to eat it eventually.

In the meantime, Miss Cristea left her seat to prepare the dinner. She really makes it personally? Even though she’s a Duke’s daughter?
When I spoke of wanting to observe, she told me that it’s a new recipe that won’t be leaving the premises.
I have no choice but to anticipate.

I’m increasingly looking forward to having dinner.

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