Chapter 72

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How is that possible!?
“Hee… you wouldn’t normally notice magical power’s presence disappearing, though…”
“Eh? Is that so?”
“I guess it wouldn’t be possible unless you are paying attention to every single presence.”

Well, of course.

“It’s different when the owner of certain magical power is greatly on your mind at that very moment though.”

N? That means… while I was coincidentally on Oniisama’s mind, he noticed that my magical power disappeared and it turned out like that?? Whoaa~ what a bad timing!

“Is that so… so that’s how my older brother realized I was able to use warp magic. I was asked how I learned it…”
“Did you answer?”
“No. I promised to keep Byakko-sama and others secret, so… the situation is presently on hold. That’s why I wanted a consultation.”
“I see…”
“If it stays on hold until the time of older brother’s return to the academy, he will consult with father at that time…”
“… That would be more troublesome for you, won’t it?”

Naturally! Once Otousama finds out, I wouldn’t know where you’d go! and he would keep me by his side day and night. Or he would monitor me.
That would be annoying… no, bothersome… no, no.

Un, Otousama ought to let go of his child soon. I will be living in the academy’s dormitory starting next year after all… it would be frightening if he monitored me even there…

We, well leaving that aside. I need to know how to explain to Oniisama now.
… Because Oniisama is apparently as overprotective as Otousama…

“Hmm… tell me, do you have any thoughts of becoming a contractor?”
“Ha? What are you talking about?”

Aren’t Byakko-sama and others already Sei’s contracted beasts? They shouldn’t be able of multiple contracts.

“No~ you see? There was a fellow among our former contractors that visited Doristan. I thought of approaching a sacred beast we came across while traveling around Doristan with that fellow.”

A scouting!?

“That’s only if those guys don’t have a contractor yet, though.”

Those guys… plural!? Eh, were there this many sacred beasts in Doristan?… I wasn’t aware!!

“So, wouldn’t you be able to say that you learned it from the guy you have made a contract with?”

Whaa… what a relatively… no, considerably sloppy plan!!

“Like that, the consistency before and after the story wouldn’t match.”
“You should just say that it was weakened because of magical power exhaustion and that it taught you the warp magic as thanks for sharing your magical power with it. After that, you decided to make a contract.”
“It seems quite impossible, starting with the details of our meeting…”

I have an interest in contracting a sacred beast.
If I were to make a contract, I would be happy if it was a mofumofuable sacred beast.

“Now, now. If you make a contract, you would get a babysitter… no, a guard, so your old man would feel relieved, right?”

… Right now, you said babysitter, didn’t you?

“A, anyhow, I will talk with those guys first! Wait a moment! See ya!”
“Ha!? Eh? Wait!! Byakko-samaaaa!?”

… The telepathy has been interrupted.

Eh? Did he really go to scout sacred beasts…? Seriously!?

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