Chapter 343

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Ojisama’s visit.
When about half a month passed after the bacon sampling party, Galvano Ojisama came over for a visit.
Miria came to tell me, who was in my own room, that he didn’t seem to have business with Otousama but me.

“Ojisama has? Just what is it about?”

In regards to the bacon, it should have been delivered to him after the bacon party with an exceptional speed… now then, I don’t think I asked Ojisama to sharpen or maintenance any tools for me though…?
Having no clue what this was about, I went to the parlor where Ojisama was waiting.

“Ojisama, welcome. Do you have any business with me?”

Because Miria and other servants were here, I greeted Ojisama courteously as always and inquired from him.

“Ohh, Jouchan. Sorry for asking for you all of sudden. I came to show you and request you for a little something.”

Oh my, it’s rare for Ojisama to have a request for me. The other way is already a habit though.

“No need to be so reserved, Ojisama. I am always in your care after all. I will sure help you if it’s something I can do. Also, what is it that you wanted to show me?”

Ojisama wouldn’t ask me the impossible. On the other hand, I… this is also already a habit.

“Ohh, what I wanted to show you is this thing.”

What Ojisama showed me with excitement was a beer mug.
Although beer mugs here are generally wooden, this beer mug was made of metal. The exterior was designed with a delicate pattern, and the handle part was inlaid with a stone… is this stone perhaps a magic stone?

“Ojisama, this is…?”
“Remember that you gave me a chilled ale to drink during the bacon tasting? Could you give me a hint so that I could do it at home too?”

That reminds me, the cooled ale was greatly received. Ojisama wanted to drink cooled drinks at home too, but he had no place to cool down large amounts of ale, so rather than cooling it all at once, Ojisama was talking about making a magic tool that would cool the ale for him every time.

“That certainly did happen… that means, this is…”
“That’s right, I made a mug with a cooling function!”

A, as expected of Ojisama… he really put his effort into making alcohol taste even better…!

“You said it has a cooling function, but how does it work?”
“Ohh, you do this like that…”

When Ojisama poured a warm black tea into the mug, he showed me how it cooled down right before us. When pouring magical power into the magic stone, the pattern which is a formula would cool down the contents of the mug.

“You turned a mug into a magic tool!?” (Miria)

To think he would really make the magic tool. Wouldn’t this be really expensive…!?

“Oh my? But, did you make this, Ojisama?”

This is my first time hearing that Ojisama made a magic tool by himself though…

“Oh, I made the mug part myself, but I had someone else to convert it into a magic tool. It’s about this you see, that fellow was greatly interested in the mug. He wished to make it himself, but he needed Jouchan’s permission, how about it?”
“Someone else… is it? It’s not like I made it myself, so the manufacturing rights belong to you, Ojisama. I don’t really mind if Ojisama doesn’t, but… just who made this?”
“A magic tool merchant that runs a shop near my workshop.”

Magic tool shop. I recalled the person I got involved with a little, and stopped inquiring further.
That was that, but I also decided to order that magic tool. I mean, cooling liquids down with just a little bit of magical power seems super convenient.
It’s just I will have to watch out for pouring too much magical power inside… yeah, I don’t wish to freeze the contents.

“I, is that so… umm, if possible, may I order ten mugs for personal use? It doesn’t have to be as large as this one…”

I will be able to drink chilly fruit water and tea easily, and I would like to order more for when treating other people.
Would it be easy to use if it was in the shape of a goblet? No, it has to have some size to be a magic tool, so I wouldn’t mind a beer mug, even a pitcher might be good. When I asked Ojisama, he immediately accepted the order.
The price will be cheap as thanks for the idea. I, is that all right…?

The world is small… I thought while seeing Ojisama leave in a good mood.

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