Chapter 525.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Changing dormitories.
“Well, don’t worry, we will make sure it brings no harm to our lords!”
“I also need you to make sure that Mariel-san is in no danger.”
“I don’t know about that!”


“The contract was pushed onto her, so I’m sure she will be fine. We are here only to protect you guys. If it wants to cooperate with us, then we might consider it.”

Well, it’s true that contract beasts only think about protecting their masters, isn’t it?
Mashiro and Kurogane are the same. They are very possessive.
They don’t want me to be sad, so they protect the people around me, but it’s just an afterthought, and their first priority is to protect me…
Mariel-chan. I wonder if it was okay for her to sign a contract in the heat of the moment.
No, well, I can’t speak for others either.

When I returned to the special dormitory, Mashiro, in his Holy Bear form, jumped on me.

(Cristea~! Welcome back! … Mhm, no strange scents on you.)
[Read as: you weren’t cheating on us.]

… Mashiro, just what do you think of me?

“My Lord, welcome back.”

Kurogane took over my luggage in his human form, so I picked Mashiro who was still clinging to my legs.

“I’m back. You know, Mariel-san is going to live in the Special dormitory with her contracted beast from today, so please be good to her.”
(A newcomer?)
“Mhm, I will make sure to let them know my thoughts about changing Lords.”
(Yeah. Need to make sure Mariel has tight reins over it as well.)

… You guys.

A short time later, Mrs. Dora arrived at the Special dormitory with Mariel-chan and the dorm maids.

“Everyone, she will be joining you at the Special dormitory, please take care of her. I heard you are already friends, so I don’t have to be worried, though.”
“Of course. She’s very welcome here.”
“E, everyone, p, please take care of me!”


Mariel-chan bowed her heard vigorously.

“And so… Where is Teacher Neil?”

Mrs. Dora asked, looking toward the dormitory supervisor’s room, as Teacher Neil did not appear at the entrance hall.

“U, umm, he’s still in the middle of class, so…”
“Oh dear, how troubling. It can’t be helped, we will carry her luggage to her room, but could I leave the rest to you?”

Mariel-chan’s luggage that the maids brought was not that much, so it did not seem like a big deal, and I was happy to help her unpack her belongings anyway, so I readily agreed.

“Well then, this is the key to Mariel-san’s room. Please learn how to register from Cristea-san.”

Mrs. Dora handed the key to Mariel-chan after having the maids bring in the luggage.

“O, okay…!”
“Well then, we are off now…”

Mrs. Dora led the maids out of the dormitory, and everyone finally relaxed…

“Wah~ is it alright now? Ah~ I got tired of waiting… eh, kyaa~! W, wha, wha, whaaat is this placeee!?”

Just as the Carbuncle emerged from the shadows, a scream echoed through the dormitory.

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