Chapter 526.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What is thiiis!?
“Wha… wha, what the hell is this place…”

The Carbuncle jumped out from Mariel-chan’s shadow and shook its ears and even its tail as it looked up at the Kurogane and others, who were standing in front of me like a wall.
Oh, I knew it…
It must be terrifying to see so many Sacred Beasts in one place.
Poor thing, shivering like that…

“Oh my goodness! Ain’t they all beauties!”
“””… Eh?”””

The voices of me, Mariel-chan and Sei overlapped.

“Myan☆ Am I going to live with these hunks? I knew contracting you was a good idea!”

Carbuncle jumped up and down, tapping Mariel-chan’s calf with its paw.
Eh? Eh? What is going on here?

“Hah~ what a sight for sore eyes. I love anything and everything beautiful! I was so right to be that pushy to have you sign a contract with me that time.”

Huhh? Shouldn’t it be scared of the Sacred Beasts…?

“U, umm…”
“N? What is it, you… huh, you are the Holy Bear’s master? Hmm~”

When I called out to it while still holding Mashiro in my arms, the cheery Carbuncle looked at me with suspicion.
What an unwelcoming treatment.
It did say that it dislikes children, right…


“I am the contractor of Holy Bear Mashiro, Fenrir Kurogane, and also Magic Beast Kaguya. My name is Cristea Ellisfeed. Welcome to the Special dormitory.”

When I welcomed it with a smile to try to improve its impression of me even a little, the Carbuncle showed a surprise and its demeanor softened a little.

“Heeh, I don’t dislike children who can do the greetings properly. And you, it’s unusual to form more than one contract with Sacred Beasts. Moreover, it’s Fenrir, Holy Bear, and a Magic Beast sharing a master? You guys, how can you stand it?”
(It’s for Cristea, so it can’t be helped.)

In response to Carbuncle’s amused question, Mashiro and Kurogane replied in a grumpy tone.
Now, now, you two, even if you were introduced to me by Byakko-sama, you were the ones who urged me and didn’t give up on the contract, you know!?
Which mouth of yours is saying that you are reluctant or that it can’t be helped!?

“And you, don’t you also have multiple contracts? The smell of several Divine Beasts on you is quite intense.”

The Carbuncle looked at Sei.

“Yeah, I’m Sei, the contractor of Byakko over here and Suzaku. Best regards.”
“… Hmm, you also seem quite mature. Good, I won’t be chased around.”

… Sei and I won’t chase you around, but I can think of about one person who might follow you around, even though he’s the only adult among us…
Well, you will find out eventually, so I will keep quiet for now.

“Then, umm, Cristea-chan(?) was it? Lead us to our room, please.”
“Eh? Ah, yes. That’s right.”

Remembering that Mrs. Dora had given me the key, I showed Mariel-chan and the Carbuncle to their room and explained to them how to register the key.

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