Chapter 526.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What is thiiis!?
“… And done, this completes the registration of your magic power. May I come in, so I can explain about the room?”
“Y, yes. Umm…”

Mariel-chan looked at me timidly.

“Is there something?”
“Umm, won’t you register your magic power as well, Cristea-san…?”
“Well, umm, I’m not used to this kind of special key, so I’m afraid. I even left a spare key at my parents’ house when I lived alone…”

Mariel-chan explained in a fluster, but she is talking about her past life when she said she lived alone, right?

“This has registered your magic power, so you don’t need to keep the key on your person, as it will work even without it. Normally, it’s best that no one except the person themselves and their contracted beasts register…”
“Err, umm, wouldn’t it be too scary if something happened to me and no one was able to enter or something like that?”

Oh, I see. In my case, in addition to Mashiro, Kurogane, and Kaguya, I also have Miria, so I’m not completely alone.
I guess she’s still a little nervous about being alone with the Carbuncle and being in a completely locked out room.

“Okay, if that’s the case, I will register just in case too, but I won’t barge in unless it’s an emergency, so you don’t need to worry.”

Saying that, I also registered at Mariel-chan’s room and then we entered inside.

“Oh my, that’s quite a nice-looking room!”

The Carbuncle looked around, and then bounced away deeper inside the room.

“Come on, let’s also enter further in, so I can explain to you about the room… Mariel-san?”

When I looked at Mariel-chan, I saw that she had stopped just inside the doorway.

“Thank you so much, Cristea-san. U, umm, if something happens to me, there’s something I’d like you to dispose of so that no one else can see it…”
“Writings of my daily fantasies, or cosplay outfits that I never got a chance to wear…”


Ehh? Mariel-chan laughed.
Writings of her daily fantasies… no, isn’t that just a diary…?
And what do you mean by “cosplay outfits”?
Some trunks were already carried in, but is there perhaps…!?
… Mariel-chan. What are you doing?

After that, Mariel-chan begged me and made me promise that if anything should happen to her, I would be responsible for disposing of it.
Oh well, I think it would be better to develop magic or magic tools that would automatically dispose of it if anything happened to you, okay!?

“… And well, I hope you have memorized how to use all of this equipment. Is it okay? Do you think you can use it?”
“Yes. Some of them are old-fashioned, but for the most part… it’s great that each room has its own bath. I’m so glad because in the Girls’ dormitory, it was one big bath and the time you could go in was fixed.”

Mariel-chan replied with a smile.
I know how you feel. Because we were Japanese in our previous life. It’s important to have our own bath for privacy.
A public bath is nice once in a while, but I like to relax in the bath.

“But I need magic stones to use these magic tools, huh. I have to ask Tousan to arrange some for me…”

Certainly, the ones set in the magic tools are now old, so they may not have much magic power left in them.

“I can give you some of mine if you would like? It came from the Orcs that Mashiro and Kurogane hunted, though…”

I took out some of the magic stones that came from the dismantling Kurogane and Mashiro had done in the dormitory and showed them to her, as I had stored them all in inventory just in case.
I might use them in the dormitory or eventually need them for the magic tools course, after all.

“Eh? Hunted… a magic stone this size is from Orcs? No, I see… they are Sacred Beasts, after all… hahaha…”

Mariel-chan’s face cramped.

“Cristea-san, you cannot show off magic stones this big so casually! They are luxury items!”
“Eh? O, okay!”
“I’ll borrow these small ones for the time being. I will also give you an IOU. I will ask Tousan to evaluate them and pay you for it. As the daughter of a merchant, I have no intention of compromising on this.”

Mariel-chan said firmly, selected a few small magic stones, wrote an IOU on the spot, and handed it over to me.
Mariel-chan, isn’t the gap between your no-good mode and the firm merchant girl mode too drastic…?

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