Chapter 50

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This is shocking in many ways!
Ah, would O-Sei-chan’s place be all right…?
Would it be bad to suddenly warp into O-Sei-chan’s room? Would she get startled? She might be already asleep, so it would be fine if I immediately return, right?

“Umm… in that case, I will warp to Sei-sama’s place, okay!”

Guardian? Byakko-sama is with me, so it will be fine. I grasp Byakko-sama’s sleeve and begin warping towards O-Sei-chan’s magical power.

“Eh! That’s not good! Hey, wai…!”

N? I feel like Byakko-sama wanted to stop me in panic…? Ah! Is he worried because it would get exposed that he came over to my place secretly again? Serves you right! You shall get scolded by O-Sei-chan! Fuhahahaha!

While thinking such, my field of vision distorted.


“… Ah, I did it!”

Yay! It’s a success! I’m frightened by my talent! (singing my own praises)
O-Sei-chan is right before me! Her eyes are open wide in a shock… I’m sorry, you were awake? Did I startle you!?
Ah, she was in the middle of changing! I’m truly sorry! If I was a man, wouldn’t this be a lucky pervert development!?

“Ah… Sei-sama, I’m truly sorry! In fact, I’m being taught warp magic by Byakko-sa… ma…”

Oh my, O-Sei-chan’s breasts are awfully meager…? Rather… erm, su, super flat…? N, no… it’s all right, kimono matches her style! It will be fine from here on out, it will be fine!
However, how unexpected… b, but you see, she’s very slender, it perfectly suits O-Sei-chan’s refreshing image! … No, I might bring calamity upon myself and hurt O-Sei-chan, so it goes without saying that I won’t say a thing…

“Cristea-dono, t, there are… difficult circumstances, you see…”
“… Ha?”

O-Sei-chan is panicking for some reason… no, she was in the middle of changing, it’s only given that she’s panicking. I’m sorry, okay? I’m the one who illegally entered. O-Sei-chan, you don’t have to be… n?

When I lower my gaze… nn? O-Sei-chan… were you a fundoshi girl? How unexpected…? … N?

“… Eh?”

… No, wrong. How to say it, why is there a bulge that’s girls should not ha… ve…?

“… Eeh?”

Wai, wait a moment. Let’s calm down. O-Sei-chan is a flat as a board, a fundoshi girl, no wrong, she’s not a girl…?

“… Ehhh?”
“Cristea-dono, calm down, will you hear my story?”

O-Sei-chan approaches me. No, how am I supposed to calm down?!

“… Crap… this is awkward… seriously sorry…”

Byakko-sama?! Just who are you apologizing to after sighing?! No, is it to both of us?!
And you have cast soundproof magic, didn’t you?! How wise!!!!


I released an unreasonable shriek.

For your information, this wasn’t a lucky pervert development, alright!?

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