Chapter 338

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I forgoooot!
After enjoying the Fisherman’s stew, Otousama and others had to return to work, so unfortunately, we have decided to return home.
Ahh… I wanted to enjoy the street stalls too.
Next time, I’m definitely coming here without a guardian. So I swore while returning the herding wall back to normal.

“Ehh~? You are already leaving!?”

Siren-kun complained. I also would like to stay if I could. However, I have to return if my guardian says so…

“I am sorry. I will come again… ah, but I have to go to the Capital in the spring, so I might not be able to travel much.”

As expected, there’s quite a distance to warp from Capital to the port town. Coming frequently would be difficult.

“Ehh~! That can’t be! I won’t be able to eat your sweets then…?”

Auu, the way Siren-kun said it makes me feel guilty…!
The teary-eyed face of a beautiful girl… not, a pretty boy has a serious destructive power! I thought so too when he was smiling, but aren’t Kurogane and Mashiro the only ones who can resist that?

“I will come to play again in the summer, so please help me again then. Okay?”
“… Yes, be sure to come, okay?”

Handing Dorayaki to the lonely Siren-kun who was hoping for another meeting, we have warped back to the mansion.

When we warped to Otousama’s office, the three people plopped on the sofa.

“Haah… I am used to warping via the warping circle, but… warping without the circle makes my heart beat fast.”

Tirie-san said so while sighing.
Is that so? I don’t think it’s something that exciting or anything though…

“Umu. The destination of the warping circle is set in stone so I don’t mind it, but I can’t help but feel anxious because I have no idea where we might get warped to without the circle.”

Otousama is carefreely using the warping circle to go between our mansion and the capital so I thought he would already be used to the warping, but I see how it is now. They are uneasy because they don’t know the destination. We, who can use the warping magic imagine where we go, so I have never thought about it like that.

“The transition was easy, but it does not feel like a reality yet. I cannot believe we were at the sea just a moment ago.”

Galvano Ojisama was strongly pulling on his beard instead of pinching his cheeks.
Certainly, traveling long distances in an instant might not seem real unless you get used to it.
I have gotten used to it already, but the first time I used warp magic, I also thought “Eh? Did we really warp?”.

“Fumu, this was a precious experience. Now then, you guys return home already! You have work to do today, don’t you?”
“An, gee! You don’t have to drive us out so quickly. Well, I certainly do have work though…”

Urged by Otousama, Tirie-san left from his seat while complaining.

“I can really finish my work whenever I want, but if Tirie is leaving then I shall tag along.”

Galvano Ojisama got up and left the office after Tirie-san.
I hurriedly chased after them, gave them sweets as souvenirs, and saw them off after promising them to make more fish dishes for them.

After that, I have returned to my room together with Mashiro and Kurogane.

“Ahh~ I wanted to take it a little slower. I have to shake off Otousama the next time we go…”
“… You took quite some time returning, didn’t you?”
“… Eh?”
“You seem to have enjoyed yourself quite a bit, so you naturally brought me my souvenir, right?”
“Ka… Kaguya.”

N… not good. I have completely forgotten about Kaguya.
I left Kaguya behind, telling her that we will go to the sea together the next time.
Feeling the negative aura spreading, I earnestly apologized to Kaguya.

“I, I am sorry. Kaguya…”
“You smell really nice. You must have been enjoying something really good without me.”
“Ka~gu~ya~! I am sorryyy!”

I have prepared an extravagant fish feast for Kaguya whose feelings I had hurt completely.
Ahhh, I am glad her mood had returned, but I wanted to eat the Striped Jack sashimi too…!
Next time, I will definitely bring you along next time Kaguyaaa!

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