Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Reincarnated Lady Awakens
… Unbelievable.
I, Cristea Ellisfeed has recalled the memories of my past life… moreover, it seems that in my past life, I was a resident of a country called Japan in a different world…!

Because I have recalled the memories of my past life, the shock of the information volume caused the eight years old me to suffer from fever and I have stayed in bed for a few days… no, was that perhaps a developmental fever, I wonder…

I, who finally recovered from the memory confusion and high fever could afford to slowly think about my past life.

… Just kidding~ I have completely recalled it all!
My past self was Japanese. A downtown living office lady. Light novel loving and a slight otaku? I mean, in this chaotic situation, my first thoughts were “Ah… is this the so-called different world reincarnation…? The world-famous light novel thing!!!?” after all.

The memories of Cristea who just became eight years old and the memories of my past life are still somewhat chaotic, it was as if I suddenly remembered something I forgot all at once and even now, I’m still feeling giddy and unsteady.

Why did my past self die again…?? If I’m not mistaken, I went on my way from work into a supermarket to buy ingredients for takoyaki, so I could eat to my heart’s content when I returned home! Ah, while I was feeling all merry a car has… rammed into me…
They couldn’t save me from that, huh… dispirited. Otousan, Okaasan, everyone must have been sad… I’m sorry for being unfilial.
It was instant, so I have close to no memory of the pain.

While I was revisiting the place that was the end of my past life, my personal maid Miria arrived.

“Cristea-sama, how do you feel? You don’t seem to have a fever anymore, however… you don’t seem well.”

Miria said worriedly while putting her hand on my forehead. Her chilly hand felt pleasant.


“No, I’m fine now. Thank you for nursing me.”

When I smiled and tried to get out of the bed, Miria stopped me.

“You mustn’t. Please, rest for a little longer.”

She said it with a tone as if she were saying “No!” but I clearly understand her concern. The seven years older Miria is like my reliable older sister. She’s a bit… no, she’s considerably overprotective though.

“Fufu, I understand. Miria is prone to worrying after all. I’m thirsty, get me some water please.”
“Certainly. Isn’t your stomach empty? Should I bring you soup or something?”

While asking such, Miria poured water from a jug that was placed on a side table into a cup and handed it over to me.

“Yeah. Please do that.”

When taking a sip, I tasted a light aroma of refreshing citrus.

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