Chapter 141

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Your home is that way.
The next day, it was time for Prince Ray to return to the capital.

Last night’s dinner was curry that Prince Ray requested.
The same as before would be (for me) uninteresting, so the keema curry I made was also well-received.

For some reason, I was asked “Is it not hot today?”, so when I answered “It’s not today”, he looked really disappointed.
… Prince Ray, are you actually M…

In the morning, we had onigiri, miso soup, and tamagoyaki.
He was pleased with the sweet tamagoyaki I made this time.

I can’t tell whether Prince Ray is a child or not…
I’m glad he eats well anything I put out though.

“I was in your care on this occasion.”

Prince Ray thanked every one of the Ellisfeeds at the adjoined warp room.

“I’m sorry we could not provide much hospitality.”

Otousama looked happy even though he said that. He’s finally leaving after all… with this, I can eat Japanese-style meals as I please! I have no doubts that those are his innermost thoughts.

“Don’t say that. I’m really glad I came here.”

Prince Ray smiled at me. He must be really relieved that he can avoid Queen-sama’s nagging with the pumpkin sweets I gave him.

“Miss Cristea, I’m grateful for your kindness and hospitality.”
“No, that…”
“I’m sorry for the careless remark I had on our first meeting. Regarding the rumors, I will take responsibility for revoking them.”

Rumors…? Ah, about the repulsive food eating lady!
No, no, if the Crown Prince protects me, then the situation will get even worse, so I would like if you don’t!?

“No, it’s not something Prince Ray should be apologizing for. Please, don’t mind it. Please don’t bother with such a thing, Prince Ray.”
“… Miss Cristea, you are so kindhearted.”

Why such development… why are you absorbedly staring at me!? Uhii!

“Prince Ray, it’s about time.”

Oniisama stepped between us. Hoh.

“… You’re so tactless, Norman.”
“What might you be talking about? Shouldn’t you be delivering the sweets to Queen-sama quickly?”

Noto bothered by Prince Ray’s glare, Oniisama nonchalantly conveyed.

“Ku… then, I will be leaving first! Properly come after me later!”
“… Of course.”

Oniisama replied with an unwillingness written all over his face. The vacation is still ongoing, so I think there’s no need for Oniisama to return to the capital or anything though.
I still wanted to talk with Oniisama about the academy… how unfortunate.

“Then, I will have to excuse myself here… Miss Cristea, may I come again?”

… Erm, it would be bad to say no in this situation, right?

“Your Highness. You can’t be only inspecting in the same place. It would be better to visit other fiefs as well to gain more experience.”
“No, umm…”

Zugogogogo… Otousama stepped in front of me with an audible impressiveness. As expected, Prince Ray is unable to climb this iron wall.

“Now, it wouldn’t be good to keep Queen-sama waiting. Come one, come on, to the warp room.”

Your home is that way, Otousama induced cheerfully.

“Y, yeah… thanks.”

I sent Prince Ray who was glancing back as he was on his way to the warp room with a smile.

Patan, the door opened and the room must have connected to the road to the capital. I felt an enormous amount of magical power, then it disappeared.

“… Fuu.”

Good grief.

“Cristea, thank you for your hard work. I put you through various troubles this time, didn’t I?”
“Oh my, no. I’m worried whether I was able to offer a proper hospitability.”
“Of course, you were. I’m grateful to you, Cristea. If only you didn’t cause so many worries from now on.”

Uu… I certainly caused Oniisama to worry quite a lot this time.

“I’m sorry about that, I will be more mindful…”

Oniisama patted the head of me who replied dejectedly.

“I’m thankful if you say that. I can’t help but worry when separated from you.”

See you, Oniisama moved to the warp room and left as well.

Haa… I’m feeling somewhat lonely already.

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