Chapter 142

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It’s healing called mofu paradise.
“Haaa~… I’m being healed…”

It’s the strongest battle formation of Kurogane who I had turn big in the back, Mashiro on my lap and Kaguya in my arms.

“Mofumofu paradise, it’s the best…”
“… Lord, isn’t this a bit improper?”

Kurogane cautioned me as I was relaxing.

“Eh? What is? Are you talking about lying on the floor? No one is looking, isn’t it fine?”
“… Well, I don’t mind but…”

Kurogane sighed and laid back down.

Hmm, this is the mofu paradise, for short: mofupara, I was talking about…

I have never mofued to this degree in my past life, did I…
At best, I could tease the neighbor’s cat or inhale Tama smell at Obaachan’s place to my heart’s content…

… Come to think of it, I have not done that yet… when I approached her belly with my head, she was guarding with all of her four legs. Huh? The magical power is… ah, right. She’s not baring her claws and she has no malicious intentions as she’s just simply guarding herself, so the collar isn’t activating… I see.

“… Hey you, what are you trying to do!?”
“Eh, I thought of inhaling you a bit or something~…”
“Haa!? Su, suck, you said!? Don’t say something so stupid! The milk won’t come out, you know!”

Kaguya started struggling in panic, trying to escape from my arms.

“Eh!? Ah! That’s not it, that’s not it! I was just trying to inhale your fur’s scent!”

I don’t have such perverted hobbies!

“Ah, what… I don’t like that either! Release me!”
“Eh~? Isn’t it fine for just a little bit~”
“I’m saying that I don’t like it!”

The complaining continued for a while, but she escaped in the end. Tch.

“U~… regrets.”

Just when I started sulking, Mashiro rolled over and showed his belly.

“Cristea? If you are fine with me… go ahead?”

Ku… this cute slyness! But, I feel like I would end up corrupting him somehow if I accepted his offer here, so I will restrain myself!

“Ha~… although it was only for a few days, paying attention to the guest’s needs is tiring, isn’t it? But, Prince Ray finally returned to the capital, so I would like to relax with everyone for a while. Is there something you’d like to do?”
“I’m fine with anything as long as it’s with Cristea.”
“Me too.”
“… I’m also fine with anything as long as it’s not troublesome.”
“Let’s see…”

Come to think of it, since I contracted everyone during Prince Ray’s stay, this is the first time I could take it easy with everyone like this.

Let’s thoroughly enjoy this mofu paradise. I have just started feeling drowsy, so taking a nap like this wouldn’t be that bad… fuwaa.

Just as I was about to doze off, I heard a knock.

“Cristea-sama, may I?”
“… Nn? Miria…? Come in.”

After giving a half-asleep reply, Miria entered the room.

“Oh my! Cristea-sama, how envious… ahem, that’s improper, you know?”

Yes, yes, enviable, right?

“My, that Kuroneko-san is…?”
“… Ah, I haven’t introduced you to her yet… she’s called Kaguya. This child is also my contracted beast.”
“Oh dear… is that so?”
“I will have to ask you to help me care for her as well… so, is something the matter?”

Fuwaa, just when I started dozing off again, I heard a low bass voice.

“Hou…? You said you wouldn’t contract it, but you ended up giving it a proper name?”

… N? Miria-san’s voice suddenly turned hoarse… or not. This voice is…
Timidly opening my eyes, there was Otousama’s figure right in front of me.

“… O, Otousama…?”
“I say this situation, I think we should have a ve~ry good talk?”

Hii! He’s absurdly angry..! I corrected my seating posture, but it was already too late for seiza…

After that, I was preached for eternity.
M, my legs… went numb…!
Hiii… I’m shorryyyyy!

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