Chapter 481.3

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H… huge!
“As you can see, the Sacred Beasts act to protect their contractors, but they will not attack you without a provocation. It’s exactly as His Highness Raymond said. And also, they won’t stay in this form forever.”

As soon as the Headmaster said that, Kurogane, Mashiro, and Byakko-sama returned to their usual forms, and Suzaku-sama became even smaller and softly landed on Sei’s shoulder.
As soon as they did, another round of cheers went up.
Some of them said, “Wow! So cute!” and “Oooh, so cooool!” in excitement.
“Cute!” must be their impression of Mashiro. Yep, yep, my kid is so cute! (Overly doting parent’s impression)
Mashiro also seemed satisfied, as he stood in front of me with a smug look on his face.
Kurogane sat down next to me and wrapped his tail around my leg.
He looked as if he was going to deflect attacks even from behind.

“As you all may know, they are rare examples of people who have made contracts with multiple Sacred Beasts. The overwhelming power they gained by contracting with multiple Sacred Beasts is immeasurable. That is why His Majesty and Sacred Beast Leon-sama have personally ordered us not to touch them as you please.”

The Headmaster’s words caused a stir in the venue.
Not only His Majesty, but also the Sacred Beast, Leon-sama, has given his blessing to us.
I’m sure this will make it even more known that it’s not a good idea to mess with us.
I have just been assured during a meeting in the Headmaster’s office that anyone who would touch us, even after hearing that much and knowing that it’s dangerous, would be a really dangerous person who wouldn’t care about the means and rules.

“I have no doubt that everyone here will make wise choices. That’s all from me.”

The Headmaster cut off his words there and turned to Sei, or more correctly, to Byakko-sama.
Byakko-sama who was sitting next to Sei let out a roar… and then stood up and quickly took on a human form.
As if on cue, Suzaku-sama stepped down from Sei’s shoulders and took on her usual good-looking humanoid form, as did Kurogane and Mashiro.
Eh? What? The bewildered audience watched as Byakko-sama took the magic tool from the Headmaster’s hands.

“Well, we won’t do anything to you if you don’t touch our masters, so don’t worry. We’re usually in the same form as before or in this form, best regards!”

So… nonchalant! Let’s show a little more of the dignity of a Sacred Beast, okay?
Byakko-sama returned the magic tool to the Headmaster with a satisfied look and stood next to Sei. He put his hand on Sei’s shoulder.
Sei seemed to frown for a moment, but kept silent and looked forward.
The crowd that was watching the event went silent for a moment and then erupted in cheers once again.

“Ehh… you’ve got to be kidding me!? The Sacred Beasts took on human forms!? What is going on!?”
“My goodness…! So cool!”
“Oh meow~ he looks so cute in either form!”
“Ohhh! How wonderful~!”
“Haah, please let me call you Oneesama!”
“Please step on me~!”

I heard some shouting, but wasn’t… some of it quite bad?
… Can I just pretend I didn’t hear anything?

“… Ahem, everyone, be quiet! This concludes the debut. Please keep in mind the warnings that were just given to you and act accordingly!”

The Headmaster then handed the magic tool back to Teacher Neil, gave us a look and then walked towards the door. We bowed lightly and followed suit.

“Yes, everyone, calm down! Don’t leave your seats yet! Please follow the directions of the student council and exit in order! Then, student council members, take care of the rest!”

Teacher Neil left those words and ran towards us.
No, I think you should be supervising this place, Teacher Neil!?
After a short pause, I heard Oniisama talking from behind me about leaving the venue.
Come to think of it, Oniisama is a member of the student council.
Crown Prince Raymond is the student council president, right?
After this something like this, they will have to suppress the commotion and make them leave… lo, looks like a lot of work.
I will have to apologize to Oniisama and His Highness next time for the trouble we caused them.
But for now, we have to get out of here as quickly as possible.
I hurried to the exit, faster than usual, but taking care to look as graceful as possible.

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