Chapter 481.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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H… huge!
“Thank you very much, Headmaster. Now, it’s time to unveil the Sacred Beasts! The new students who have entered our academy as the Sacred Beasts contractors, Young lady Cristea Ellisfeed, and student from overseas, Seinoshin Shikishima-kun!”

Teacher Neil announced with the same tension as ever, and the place erupted in cheers. I calmly and slowly performed a lady’s curtsy, and Sei gave the Doristan bow, with right hand on his chest.

“Now then, you two. Call upon the Sacred Beasts!”

At Teacher Neil’s signal, Sei muttered, “Tora, Suzaku. Come quickly.”
I also called out, “Kurogane, Mashiro.”
A moment later, everyone appeared in their Sacred Beast forms.
Byakko-sama was not in the usual form of a baby tiger, but in the form of a huge and ferocious tiger, and Suzaku-sama was in the form of a big beautiful bird with scarlet wings spread out, gracefully flying above our heads.
I have never seen Suzaku-sama in her Sacred Beast form either…!
Wow, so beautiful…!
Kurogane appeared in a much larger form than usual, and Mashiro appeared as… in his Sacred Beast form, too!
Mashiro, yo, you were this huge!?
Polar bears of my past life definitely weren’t of this size!!
Come to think of it, when I first met him, he said he could get even bigger… I never thought he could get this big, though!
He looked so powerful, it made me miss my usual cute Mashiro!
The place was in an uproar as the four Sacred Beasts suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
Some of the girls screamed, some even fainted, while others seemingly prepared for a battle, while the boys looked at them with a sparkles in their eyes.
Uwaah… so this is what chaos looks like.
I’m sure most people only saw small Magic Beasts before, so it must have been shocking to see something like this.
The curious students who knew no fear ran down to the front row and watched while huddled against the barrier.
The teachers and some of the upperclassmen were going around loudly warning them to calm down.
Kurogane and Mashiro stayed close to me in their large forms, looking around alertly as if to protect me.
I was sandwiched between the fluff, and it was hard to control my inner squirming because normally I would be already hugging and smooching them, but I couldn’t do that now.
I’m definitely going to smooch you later…!
Byakko-sama stood firmly next to Sei, and Suzaku-sama landed on his back.

“Be quiet! All of the Sacred Beasts are mild-mannered except when they are protecting their two contractors. They won’t attack you, so don’t worry!”


With the words of the Headmaster, who had received the magic tool from Teacher Neil, the place finally began to regain its composure.

“Indeed! The contracted Sacred Beasts will be tolerant towards us as long as we don’t harm their contractor. Please take my word for it and calm down.”

Following the words of the Headmaster, Crown Prince Raymond’s voice echoed through the hall.
When I looked at where everyone’s gaze was going, I saw Crown Prince Raymond holding a loudspeaker and my brother next to him.
Everyone looked at each other and returned to their seats, and when they had regained their composure, Prince Raymond nodded his head and sat down together with Oniisama.

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