Chapter 481.1

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H… huge!
The practice grounds, filled with loud cheers, was much larger than I had imagined.
It was like the Colosseum of the Roman Empire.
It was like a smaller version of that amphitheater.
It was filled with so many people that I thought all the students and staff might have gathered in the seats.
Did they cancel the afternoon classes and gather all the students for this…?
Although we were involuntarily frightened by the loud cheers, the Headmaster proceeded to the center, and Sei and I followed in line.
I don’t want to go, but I have to.
I don’t want to go, but I want this to be the end of the trouble, so I will just have to endure this atmosphere.
As we made our way to the center, everyone in the audience seemed to notice that the Sacred Beasts were nowhere to be seen, and the cheers slowly dwindled.
In the buzzing atmosphere, the Headmaster stopped, and Sei and I lined up on either side of him as we had discussed.
As soon as he closed the door, Teacher Neil, who had followed us, held a card-shaped magic tool in his hand and held it to his mouth.
He told us about it before. It was a loudspeaker magic tool that sends your voice far away, and transfers the sound to the speaker-like magic tools set up in the venue.

“Quiet, everyone! Today, we would like to introduce the two Sacred Beasts contractors and the Sacred Beasts they have contracted with! First, let’s hear from the Headmaster!”

Teacher Neil flippantly handed the Headmaster the loudspeaker magic tool and stood next to me with an excited face.
The Headmaster cleared his throat and pulled the loudspeaker to his mouth.

“… The reason why I asked everyone to hurry and gather at this time is because there was a rush of students and teachers who wanted to see the Sacred Beasts with their own eyes. We were concerned that if we left it as it was, it would eventually become a burden on the two new students who had contracted the Sacred Beasts, so we had no choice but to ask them, and set up a venue to show them to everyone.”

Contrary to Teacher Neil’s excitement, the Headmaster’s calm tone gradually quieted the place down.
The Headmaster looked around at the audience and then continued.

“It is regrettable that such a commotion has occurred so early in the academy year. From now on, please keep in mind the appropriate behavior for a student of the traditional Adelia Academy, and do not place any more burden on the two new students. If we deem the behavior to be unacceptable, the person in question will be subject to punishment, so please never forget that.”

Oh wow… the Headmaster has nailed it well, thank goodness!
When I heard that they were going to be punished, there was a buzz in the surroundings.
Some people’s faces had clearly changed, while others were still waiting for the Sacred Beast to appear.
The way he said it, he didn’t mention only the Sacred Beast, so even if they were to carelessly reach their hands toward us, they might be punished.

I’m sure that most of the noble children understand that they can’t mess with us, and the merchants’ children who are looking for ways to use us will have to understand as well.
But Headmaster, is it selfish of me to want you to take care of Teacher Neil first…?
Teacher Neil was standing beside me, nodding his head, “Yes, yes, exactly right!”
Teacher Neil, do you think you are not subject to punishment!?
I will go directly to the Headmaster if you are too much, okay!?
I was about to glare at Teacher Neil, but I held my ground and looked forward, Headmaster gave Teacher Neil a look and handed him the loudspeaker magic tool back.

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