Chapter 448.2

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Coming to Get Them
“Yes. It would be nice if I could make lots of friends in the academy… but, I won’t be lonely with friends like Mariel-san and Sei-sama around.”

When I said so, Oniisama shifted his eyes to Sei.

“Hello there, Sei-kun. Congratulations on your enrollment to you, too. I hope you make many friends in the academy as well.”
“… Thank you very much. Senior Ellisfeed. I am your junior, so you can call me Sei. It’s my privilege to have become Miss Cristea’s dormitory mate and friend.”
“… Yeah. Oh, you can call me Norman if you want. If you can’t make any friends, you can come to me if you are having problems.”
“I will do just that, Senior Norman.”

… W, what is this. I thought I saw sparks between the two, but… that was just my imagination, right?

“Come on, we mustn’t be late. The carriage is ready, so let’s hurry over.”

Oniisama elegantly extended his hand, so I clasped it tightly, and we walked towards the door, with Sei quietly following us.

“Umm,. Oniisama. What about Kurogane and Mashiro…”
“They will be staying here for now. They can warp over if something happens, right? I’m sure the announcement of you, the contractors, will be a big deal today, so we will wait and see how things go before introducing them.”
“Is that so…”
“Wait. This concerns us, yet you are thinking of pushing Lord to the front lines instead?”
“We are contracted with Cristea, so being together at all times is the way it should be.”


The two who couldn’t give up insisted.
Well, you know, if they’re going to announce that we are the contractors anyway, why don’t we just do it all at once. I think so too.
It’s only in what form to introduce them that puzzles me.
Normally, we should introduce the two of them in the form of Sacred Beasts, but if they suddenly appeared in the auditorium in the form of beasts, Sacred Beasts at that, it might cause panic.
But still, introducing them in human forms might not be a good idea either.
The fact that Sacred Beasts and high-ranking magic beasts can take on human form is only known to a few people…
Even Leon-sama, who has been under contract with the Kings for generations, can turn into a human form, but he doesn’t seem to be open about it, so even I was surprised to learn about it when I first met him.
Even I, who is contracted with Kurogane and Mashiro was surprised about it, so people might start panicking if they learn the truth after seeing the guys do it.
They might start thinking that Sacred Beasts and magic beasts in human form could be walking among them without their knowing.

“Aint that fine, Kurogane. As for us, we don’t want to be seen by so many people either, so we will quietly stay here.”

Byakko-sama tightly grabbed Kurogane by the shoulder.

“Muh! What are you doing!? Release me!”
“Now, now, you two. It’s deplorable that I won’t be able to see my Lord’s appearance as the star of the show, but this is an academy. It’s a place for kids to gather. Let’s follow what these people have decided on for now, okay?”

Suzaku-sama smiled gracefully as she placed her hands on Mashiro’s shoulders.
What do you mean ‘for now’!? So you will only follow depending on the situation? What are you implying!?

“… We are very glad that you see it that way. Well, let’s go then, Cristea… Sei too.”
“Y, yeah… Mashiro, Kurogane. I will call for you if something happens. You guys wait for me here, okay?”

We climbed into the carriage, leaving the two unhappy and the two with pasted-on smiles behind.
Ugh, I don’t have a good feeling about this…

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