Chapter 449.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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In the carriage!
When we left the special dormitory, a carriage was waiting right in front of us.
It seemed to be the same carriage we rode in when we met with the Headmaster the other day…

“Oh, this carriage is the academy’s property. We use it to get around the academy’s premises, or when we have to go outside the academy on short notice. We will be using it for transportation this time just in case, but normally, we would just walk.”
“Is that so?”
“The facilities used by the Elementary-division students are all close to the dormitories, so there’s no need to worry. If you want to proceed to Advanced magic training or specialized courses for more extensive progress, you will have to go to the training grounds or research buildings which are located further away, and that’s a bit of a challenge.”

Well, that’s true. The children of noble families are not that active, so I think they would find that difficult.
Even though this is an academy, I have a feeling that they’ll soon run out of patience with the idea of traveling long distances on foot through this vast site.
Me? I’ve been strolling around the grounds of the estate for some time now, so I’m sure my legs and feet have been trained a bit… I think.

“Just in case, the Royal Palace has installed warp circles at each establishment, but students who want to save up their magical power fundamentally go on foot, and children of wealthy families have several smallish magic stones to use in case of emergency, so they are able to use those.”
“Magic stones?”

Magic stones can be obtained from monsters, but the high quality ones must be quite expensive. I think even a small magic stone costs a fair amount.

“Although it’s possible to increase the amount of magical power through training to some extent, students who are not high-ranking nobles and don’t have a lot of magical power need to conserve it in order to complete their assignments, so they use magic stones to supplement their magical power. Ah but, you have no need for them so no need to worry, Cristea.”
“R, right…”

They are useless for a magical power fiend like myself who’s magical power could spontaneously explode at any given time, yes.

“Do you have a vast amount of magical power too, Sei?”


When Oniisama changed the subject to Sei, Sei who was pondering about something looked at us.

“Eh? Well… I don’t know. There are only a handful of people who use magic in Yahatul, so I have not been able to confirm whether the amount of magical power I have is a lot or not.”

That reminds me, I don’t think I have ever seen Sei use magic.

“What kind of magic can you use, Sei?”
“It seems that I can use wind, fire, water, and earth. As I said before there are not many magic users in Yahatul, so I did not have anyone to learn from. That’s why I’m looking forward to learning how to use it.”
“Is that so…”

It’s true that in my case, in addition to the nerdy knowledge and imagery from my previous life, I was also able to control it better because Teacher Marlen taught me how to use magic and magical power. Yeah.
If I hadn’t been taught properly, I would have gone out of control.

“In Yahatul, we don’t call it magical power, but divine power instead. Those with divine power are few in numbers, and most of them enter priesthood to protect the Emperor. However, I am a son of a samurai family that has no history of producing people with divine power. And since I did not want to enter the priesthood, my Father sent me here, to Adelia Academy, where those with magical power congregate, to study the differences between magical power and divine power.”
“I see. So that’s how it is.”

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