Chapter 45

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Let’s make a deal. Part 2
“… Will you teach me Warp Magic?”

Warp Magic is considerably rare just like Inventory. According to Teacher Marlen, Warp Magic magic circles set up in fixed locations around the country is its common use. In addition, it takes quite a lot of magical power to use, so only the royalty and royal court magicians use it for large-scale transportations. It’s mostly used for long-distance travel, or to quickly and conveniently hand down important information. If talking about my past life’s terms, would it be something like an email or FAX?

I don’t know about the last time, but Byakko-sama has appeared out of nothing this time, so I’m guessing that was a Warp Magic.

“Warp Magic? I thought that someone with your amount of magical power and cleverness would be able to use it a long time ago, but…”

When I think of it you are just a brat, he mumbled in a small voice, but obstinately treating a child like a brat is rude! I will be enrolling in the academy next year, I’m a lady, okay!
In the first place, what about the Sacred Beast-sama that eats that brat’s food!? Seriously, you…

“Warp Magic has been prohibited by Otousama, so Teacher Marlen won’t teach me about it.”

That’s right. I thought of learning Warp Magic after learning Inventory, but there are not many people who know it so I’m quite restricted. And Otousama told Teacher Marlen “She will aimlessly wander off immediately after learning it” and strictly prohibited him from teaching me beforehand.
Similar to the Inventory, I might be able to learn it after a bit of explanation, so Teacher Marlen who is normally talkative when it comes to magic has sealed his mouth.

Eh, am I that untrustworthy? No, I believe that I can’t say that I’m completely without guilt… but… hahh.

That being the case, I’m in a situation where I’m interested in Warp Magic but without means to learn it.
Ugugu… I also wouldn’t use such difficult magic recklessly!

“Ah~… indeed, I have no idea where you would go if you could use Warp Magic…”

Kuu… to be told the same thing over here too… just why am I not trusted so much?

“Even so, you won’t be able to move to places you have not visited before, you know?”
“Eh? Is that so?”

I want to go over there~! Is how I thought Warp Magic works…

“Of course. Would you go to a place you are not sure exists? Not only Warp Magic, would you go to a place you haven’t heard of before? Besides, what if you carelessly warped somewhere in the ocean or in the middle of a monster den?”

I wouldn’t want that… huh? But…

“Byakko-sama has not been in my bedroom before, so how did you warp here??”

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