Chapter 46

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Let’s make a deal. Part 3
“Oh? You noticed… you are quite bright, aren’t you?”
“I mean, it was you, Byakko-sama, who told me that you can’t warp to places you haven’t been to before, right?”
“Well. By the way, is it alright to consider the deal sealed after I teach you?”
“Are you okay with teaching me the Warp Magic?”
“Well, it depends on your good intentions? If it’s you then you will use it to visit the market anyway, right?”

Ugh… I was seen through… well, the current me is restricted to places I can visit after all!

“Yeah… well that’s about right. I don’t have any intentions to use it for evil deeds.”
“Then it’s fine. Well, if you use it for evil deeds, I will take responsibility and purge you.”
“Hahh… is that so?”

He said something scary… it was the remark of a sacred beast who dislikes injustice though… is this deal unjust? Is it a fair deal??

“Then, it’s a deal!”

He was in the tiger cub form, but I saw his broad grin.


“Alright. Then, I will teach you a simple method to warp.”

Byakko-sama who took on his human form began giving instructions while putting on airs.

“Yessir! Teacher Byakko, I appreciate and am looking forward to your guidance!”

I got on board and replied obediently.

“Umu. No problem. First is the beginner level. For the time being… right, imagine leaping over there.”

He warped as soon as I looked at the corner of the room he pointed at.

“How is it? Do you understand?”

Byakko-sama looked at me with a smug face.

“Erm… umm, I don’t.”

Imagine leaping, what’s with that!? Teaaacher Byakko! Please be a little more concrete!!

“Ha? You don’t?”
“Teacher, if I understood from that explanation, everyone would be using Warp Magic by now, you know?”
“Is that so… hmm, why can’t everyone use something so simple, I don’t understand…?”

Byakko-sama answered while tilting his head.
Uwaa… this is not good… was Byakko-sama a meathead…?
Is he the type of guy who will say Gah! You do gah! Sometimes bambam! You know!
A genius who can’t explain because he moves according to instincts…

Eh… why did you decided to teach me magic with that way of thinking? Doesn’t this close the deal??

I hope not, but you won’t tell me to learn by myself after explaining, will you?? Heyyyy-!?!?

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