Chapter 97

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It’s ‘no, thank you’ in various ways.
If ice appears on the market, and refrigerators spread, won’t the spoilage of ingredients swiftly decrease? It would still be difficult to prevent food poisoning though.
If only everybody could eat deliciously and safely, and be protected from the heatstroke.
It’s regrettable that it wouldn’t spread throughout the fief, but we have to start somewhere, right? If it becomes popular in the capital, merchants specializing in the ice trade will surely appear in other regions too.

… If my wish gets realized… I will have Galvano Ojisama hurry up the completion of the ice shaving machine. Setting up a shaved ice cart next summer might be good… fufu, I’m looking forward to it~!

“Miss Cristea can think of various things at such a young age, huh…”

His Highness said in admiration, but most of it is my past life’s knowledge~… I won’t say that though.

“Various things, you say… that’s not the case, Your Highness.”

I will laugh it off… no, letting it pass by amiably is most important.
I, with a Japanese archaic smile on full throttle and His Highness the Crown Prince who fixedly stared.
… Was my forced smile too unnatural?

“You sound too stiff, don’t call me Your Highness but Raymond… no, won’t you call me Ray?”

No way. Why? There’s no way I could suddenly call a royalty by a pet name, is there~?
What kind of abrupt things is this person saying all of sudden!?

“That’s out of the question… calling Your Highness with a pet name would be impolite of me…”

Something so dreadful… I flatly refused.

“… We have become acquaintances and you are Norman’s little sister, so you are as good as my little sister too. It’s only natural to get closer to each other than we are, isn’t it?”

No~! I don’t understand!
Taking the warning from Oniisama about the fiancée candidacy, I don’t want to get any closer!

“Your Highness… please stop teasing my little sister.”

Oniisama stopped him. I’m glad~

“I’m not teasing her. I want to get along with your precious little sister.”

Uooh, so persistent…
… Rather, Your Highness, many girls would come to a misunderstanding with that remark of yours, you know!? Be careful with what you say!? Or are you perhaps that kind of person!?

“… Because she’s my precious little sister, she won’t be getting close to Your Highness and have the surroundings misunderstand.”
“… Is it fine as long as there’s no misunderstanding?”
“… Cristea might have her feelings hurt with just a single action of Your Highness, you know?”
“?… What do you mean?”
“Many finacée candidates are enrolled at the academy. And because those girls are desperately trying to get chosen by you…”

Do you now understand? Oniisama smiled at His Highness.

Eh…? Would I perhaps get bullied by the fiancée candidates?? No way~! I won’t say something about having 100 friends, but I would at least like to have girl friends from the same grade! Moreover, I want to spend my academy life in peace, though!?

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