Chapter 65

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I, the ◯◯ lady.
“Spi …”

… Spi?

“Spi, c…!”

… Spic?

“Spicy…! The hell is this! it’s too spicy…!?”

Cough, cough His Highness gulped down water while coughing violently.

Ha Ha Ha. Did you fall for it?
The standard one is medium-spicy. What we are eating is very spicy! You were lured by the words “advanced level”! Seeeeeerves youuu riiiiiight!

Oh my, not good. I have just “Serves you right!” -ed His Highness the Crown Prince. Ohoho!

… Oh dear. What I have done is not something “Repulsive food eating” lady would do, but something a “Villainess” lady would do, isn’t it? Ohohohoho! Just kidding~!

After finishing the standard curry, I divided it into two pots and added more spice to the second pot. I made it for myself who likes it hot!
And furthermore, this time! In order to add the spiciness, I have used just a bit… yeah, just a bit of cayenne pepper… fuhaha.
Wa~… it’s hot but delicious! I can’t get enough of this spiciness!

The curry I made is not just hot because it’s made with only moisture from the veggies with as little water as possible. I like putting at least half a pan of onions heated until sticky to my curry… if you want the onions to keep their texture, you can add them in separately later on.
Yeah, the onion’s sweetness is doing a good job. This is precisely my home’s curry. Let’s make this the Ellisfeed family’s curry standard.

Ah but, there are many curries I still want to make. Keema curry, chicken curry, cutlet curry… I want to eat green curry as well… ah, a vegetable curry garnished with grilled summer vegetables would be nice too… drool.

Oopsy, not good.
I have neglected His Highness!


“… Even though I said it’s an advanced level… I’m eating the same thing as Your Highness, but this curry is not only spicy. It has a deep fragrance and richness, a harmony of complex aromas of spices… you should be able to notice if you continued to savor it, but…?”
“… Ku!”
“… If you find it difficult to eat, you could suppress the spiciness by adding honey or fruit “like children” do, you know…?”
“… ! No! It’s fine like this! There’s no way I won’t be able to eat it if you do!”

His Highness continued eating curry with tears forming in the corners of his eyes. Oh? Doing your best?

“Ahh… you shouldn’t drink too much water… the complex taste of the curry will get washed down before you can savor it, how wasteful…”
“… Ugu…!”

When I say that to His Highness who was about to gulp down more water, he looked at me with the eyes of an unfortunate child.


When His Highness confirmed that the water in my glass didn’t decrease, he quietly put down the glass without drinking and continued eating while enduring without water.

Fu… I feel a bit gratified.


“Seconds! This spiciness could become a habit once I gotten used to it!”

… W, what…? His Highness was captured by the spiciness…?!

That can’t be… impossible…

I was defeated and lost the match…
I served him seconds while feeling a sense of defeat…

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