Chapter 66

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Clearing my name… was I able to do it…?
After thoroughly enjoying curry, I served ice cream for dessert to cool down.

“This is… ice? You did well preparing something like that in this hot weather.”
“I made it by cooling it with magic and storing it in the inventory, so…”
“Right, you were a holder of inventory. That is an unusual ability to have at your age.”

Hahaha… let alone inventory, I can also use barrier magic and warp magic, you know?
I somehow realized, but I’m a cheat, aren’t I…?

“Oh… this is also good.”
“It incredibly draws back the heat, doesn’t it…”
“I really like this matcha flavor. Cristea, won’t you give me a little bit more?”
“I love drizzling the vanilla with honey.”

There are no vanilla beans in it, so it’s not exactly vanilla, but…
I wonder if there are vanilla beans around… I could make things like cream puffs if they are…
Also, coffee beans. Affogato was my favorite… in the first place, I really liked coffee. Although I say that, my body is still that of a child so too much caffeine intake wouldn’t be good. I know there are dandelion-like flowers, so I could try making dandelion coffee…

There were demands for the seconds of ice cream too, but I wouldn’t want to be asked whether I added poison in it after they wreck their stomachs, so everyone got second helpings only once.

Well… His Highness had eaten the very spicy curry anyway? So depending on the circumstances, he might become close friends with our toilet, you see? Hmph!
I can’t expect His Highness’ stomach to hurt just from this. No, I shouldn’t have any expectations in the first place.
I have eaten the same thing, so I don’t have to worry him picking faults with me…

… The repulsive food eating lady rumors might not get wiped out, though.


I wanted to let Sei and others eat the curry I finally made, so I warped with the leftovers for a delivery. I mean, it seemed that Byakko-sama would say something like “Why is there not a portion for me!”…
N? Come to think of it, doesn’t Byakko-sama’s character somehow overlap with the Crown Prince’s…?

Right, right. I have to inform Sei that His Highness and Oniisama are currently residing in our home. After all is said and done, once Sei enrolls into the academy, he will become His Highness’ and Oniisama’s junior. It wouldn’t be good if he met them in his current appearances.
After warping with the delivery, I told Sei to avoid our house for a while. The four divine beasts should especially endure until Oniisama leaves… what do you mean you won’t be able to endure!? Please endure for a little while!!

In the small room, the violent curry fragrance was indescribable and after eating in a barrier, I cleared the room and the clothes of the fragrance with Cleaning magic.
The scent of the curry will remain on the clothes even if you yourself don’t realize it after all…

Sure enough, everyone asked for seconds but I don’t have what I don’t have, so I returned to my room after promising to make it again.
… I’d like to stock up on spices and curry powder…

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