Chapter 67

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Nononononot good~!
When I warped back to my room from Sei’s place… Oniisama was there… Eh? Why? This is my bedroom, you know!?

“Cristea!? … Just what is the meaning of this!?”

… Not good, for Oniisama to be in my room… I was careless to think no one would be here because it’s my bedroom…

“… W, what do you mean…?”

Not good, I’m dripping with cold sweat…

“No one should have been in this room. There weren’t any signs of Cristea’s magical power. How could you appear all of sudden?”

Ugh, if he was fumbling around for magical power then I can’t tell him that I was hiding… ah, how about saying that I used a barrier to hide myself!?
… No, I can’t explain the reason for hiding… what to do~?

“… Surely not, warp magic…?”

Cough, so sharp!
Eh? How did he arrive at that conclusion? Normally, a lass like me wouldn’t be able to use warp magic, right~!?

“… Why do you think that?”
“It was warp magic after all!?”

Eh? Was it perhaps just a wild guess? I’ve been had? Uwaa… it’s already as if I gave an affirmation, I can’t hide it anymore…

… Rather than lying, let’s tell Oniisama about being able to use warp magic and let him keep it secret! Yeah, that’s good!


“… Yes.”
“It really was warp magic, huh…”

Oniisama placed his hand on his forehead and shook his head in disbelief.
I understand that feeling. Yeah…
Being able to use inventory and warp magic is bullshit, isn’t it? Me? Yeah, I knew that.

“… I suddenly couldn’t feel your magical power anymore, so I spread the extent of search magic inside the mansion even further, but I couldn’t find you… when I came to see whether something happened to you, I found an empty room. Then, I felt a presence quickly appearing and then you suddenly appeared, I could only think of that…”

What an excellent reasoning, Oniisama!

Yes… if you notice that the presence of my magical power disappeared, it will get exposed that I’m not here, huh… I have to be more careful.
Ah, what do I do about the delivery for Sei and others…?
Is there no spell to leave a dummy for magical power presence or something similar??

Oniisama fixedly stared at me who sunk into thoughts. Wa, not good. Rather than some cloning technique, I have to focus on the current situation!
Ugh… how do I explain…

“First of all, you are not injured, are you?”
“Yes, I’m fine… I’m sorry for making you worry.”

Ah… that’s right huh, he came running because he was worried, didn’t he… dejected.

“… Tea, sit down. Let’s have a slow talk.”

My Oniisama has been close to me since a long time ago, when it’s only the two of us, he would call me Tea. Since he’s not calling me normally the way he calls me in public, he’s not angry, probably.
Nodding in affirmation, we sat down on the couch.

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