Chapter 68

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Let’s talk with Oniisama.
“Tea, I heard that you can use inventory from Father, but… have you not told Father about the warp magic?”

So Otousama spoke about the inventory with Oniisama…
Come to think of it, His Highness spoke as if he knew about my inventory beforehand too…

“… Yes. When I told Otousama that I want to learn warp magic, he prohibited Teacher Marlen from teaching it… I would feel sorry if Otousama falsely accused and blamed Teacher Marlen.”

Well, there was no meaning in prohibiting it, though.

“Ahh… Father must have been anxious because he wouldn’t know where the current you would go. I’m also worried.”

Yes… if I’m pushed to say, then the me before the memories of my past life resurfaced was a shut-in.
Now if you leave me alone, you won’t know where I would disappear to make a ruckus.
Oniisama has been worrying about me, huh… thank you very much!

“However, you wouldn’t normally think that someone like you who hasn’t entered the academy yet would be able to use a warp circle-less warp magic that is rare even among the advanced level magic… why did he go as far as to prohibit it?”

Indeed, if I had an attribute appropriate to my age, I would be able to use the beginner’s magic of that attribute at best if I worked hard.
To begin with, it’s difficult to find a person with skills and power to work as a home tutor.

Children that aren’t of nobility seem to be taught life magic after receiving baptism from the church, they have their magical power and aptitude measured, and then they are taught the method of strengthening their attribute magic, but…
The children with outstanding talents are recommended to the academy as Special Talent by the church, their commoner status already unrelated. After graduating, they will work for either the church or the country while being exempted from various things. Would Special Talents be something like the scholarship students?

In the nobility’s case, some enroll into the academy with “Our child will have the best results right from the beginning!” mindset, just kidding. Most noble children have their baptismal ceremony held in order to confirm their aptitude, but if they have no interest in magic, “I will eventually learn it anyway~” There seem to be many children with such carefree stance.
Many children seem to get interested in learning their attribute magic after enrolling into the academy and experiencing their first lecture.

As for our house, my parents aren’t Spartan, they simply believe that I will be losing out if I don’t learn magic. So Otousama who was acquaintance with the court magician Marlen eagerly persuaded him with burning passion… well, well, Teacher Marlen became my teacher thanks to Otousama’s feverish enthusiasm.

Well, age is catching up to Teacher Marlen, so it seems he wanted to start taking things easier too.

Teacher Marlen said that I have an aptitude for almost all attributes, so he taught me the beginner’s lessons in a short time… he’s teaching with quite the enthusiasm. Thanks to that, I’m able to use magic up to intermediate level with, generally with no chanting
He hasn’t taught me many the many spells that have intense magical power consumption and the many advanced level spells that exist, so I don’t know how far he will take it to.
I believe the advanced level magic spells will gradually come in the academy where they have large practice fields.

Teacher Marlen also seems to be getting slightly tired… it’s definitely not my fault… is what I want to think.

… Yeah, learning magic is generally like that.

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