Chapter 460.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What’s the rest of the story?
“Father told me that even though it is possible for us, cousins, to marry each other, you are still too young to be talking this stuff. So, he stopped me from doing proposing… but it seems that there is another rival besides His Highness. I can’t take it easy anymore.”

Another rival, who?

“I’ve known that His Highness likes you ever since the inspection. If you wanted to become the Crown Princess, I was going to give up without saying a word. However… you don’t seem to be interested in that, so I don’t want to give up either.”

Oniisama winked at me with a charming smile, but I did not have the leisure to be entranced by his actions.

“U, umm…”
“Sorry, Tea. I must have shocked you, right? But we are cousins, so it’s possible for us to get married, and I’m very serious about it.”

When Oniisama said so, he lifted my hand which he was holding and kissed the back of my hand.

“Fufu. You must be confused because of the sudden revelation, so you can respond to me later. You still have time before I graduate, so take your time. Just know how I feel about you now, okay? See you later.”

Oniisama turned around and ran back to the boys’ dormitory.
Eh, what do you mean by this?
The fact that he was my cousin was enough to make me confused, but now he wants to make me his wife!?

“… Ehh!?”
“… Hmph, he finally told you. What an unpleasant fellow.”
“He should have just stayed silent forever.”
“Hyaaaah!? Kurogane, Mashiro!? Since when were you here!?”


I was surprised to see them standing behind me all of a sudden.
They didn’t care that I was surprised, and stared at Oniisama as he walked into the boys’ dormitory.

“We sensed that you were coming back. Sei had just entered the dormitory, but you haven’t been coming in, so we were watching from behind the door.”
“Sei told us that Norman needed to talk with you about something, so we had no choice but to wait.”
“Huh? Then you were listening to our conversation!? And by finally, you mean…?”

Kurogane and Mashiro knew about this?

“I figured that he wasn’t your blood-related brother early via appraisal. I realized that you didn’t know about this, though. However, it was so obvious that he had feelings for you, Lord, you know?”
“Yeah. He has been all over you since the beginning, what a nasty guy.”

Nono, wait a moment!?
Kurogane and Mashiro knew because of appraisal!? Appraisal is super convenient, isn’t it!?
… This is not what’s important, though.
It’s obvious that Oniisama loves me!?
I thought that Oniisama was just your simple siscon, but I never thought he felt about me like that, you know!?
So it was so obvious on the outside…!?
I had no idea whatsoever!
I mean, I thought he was my real brother all this time, so… I never even considered a marriage proposal happening.
That’s right. I, I was proposed to.
A proposal, something that didn’t happen to me even in my past life… hyaaaaah!?
…. N, no, was this still different from a proposal? He just declared that he’s going to do it eventually, right?
Eh, what do I do? What am I supposed to do?

“… Lord, is something the matter? Your face is red. Do you have a fever or something?”
“… Eh? U, umm, it’s nothing.”
“Cristea, this is serious! You should return to your room quickly!”
“I, I’m fine! I’m okay, alright!”

Seeing my red face, Kurogane and Mashiro panicked, and with their unusually coordinated play, I was carried into the room.

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