Chapter 460.1

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What’s the rest of the story?
After dinner, we all enjoyed our tea and chat without bringing up that conversation again, and as originally planned, we learned a lot of things about the academy before ending the party.
We saw Mariel-chan off to the girls’ dormitory, and were about to go back to the dorm after saying goodbye to Oniisama and His Highness Raymond, when Oniisama suddenly stood next to me.

“Cristea, I can’t be sure that you won’t get mixed up with some strange people before you get back to the dorm, so I will accompany you.”
“I, I’m coming, too!”
“… What are you trying to do by acting as a guard with your status, Your Highness? It’s just more work for me.”

Prince Raymond raised his hand and said he was going too, but Oniisama swiftly show him down.
Well, Oniisama aside, I’ve never heard of a Crown Prince accompanying his vassal’s sister home.

“Oniisama, the dormitory is just around the corner, you know?”
“That’s right, Senior Norman. I’m here too, so don’t need to worry about it.”

Sei stepped in softly, but Oniisama didn’t budge.

“No, I’m worried, so I will send you off. If I let you leave like this, I will keep thinking whether you have arrived safely.”

This is the kind of thing like once before, where if I made him worry too much, he would use magical power detection to find out if I made it to the dorm safely like once before…
It cannot be helped. He doesn’t seem like he’s going to back down, so I will just let him do what he wants.
The men’s dormitory and the special dormitory were close to each other, so Oniisama can return immediately, too.
He’s such a worrier.

“… Then, I will be in your care.”
“Yeah. Your hand, please, Princess.”

Oniisama playfully held out his hand, and I smiled and took it.
His Highness Raymond saw us off, and we left the salon building for the special dormitory, arriving at the dormitory door so quickly that I wondered if I needed him to accompany us, as we really were only a throwing distance away.

“Thank you for sending us off, Oniisama. Even though you have it close as well, please take care on your way.”
“Senior Norman, thank you very much for today.”

Sei and I thanked him and were about to enter the dormitory, but he didn’t let go of my hand.

“… Oniisama?”
“Cirstea, I would like to talk to you some more. Sei, you should go to the dormitory now.”
“… Okay.”


Sei went into the dormitory, showing some concern at Oniisama’s words.

“What is the matter, Oniisama?”
“Yeah. I didn’t want to say it then and there. Erm, you and I may have a cousin-siblings relationship, but…”

When I saw that Oniisama was reluctant to say anything, I got the idea and answered with a smile to reassure him.

“Yeah. But Oniisama is my Oniisama. Just like always, you know?”
“Yeah… no, umm, not that…”

When I looked at Oniisama with wonder in my eyes, he looked back straight into my eyes.

“… Tea, do you remember the promise you made to me when you were little?”
“The promise…?”

Eh, did I make a promise?
Oniisama didn’t come home much after he joined the academy, so that means I made it even before that.

“Don’t you remember that… you were going to be my wife when you grow up?”

W, wife?
… Come to think of it, I may… have said something like that?
But that, that was just the usual baby talk that went along the lines, “I’m going to mewwy Oniichama when I gwou ap~” no?
Oniisama also replied, “Yeah, Tea is going to marry me, right?”
… Eh? Umm?

“Yes, umm…”
“You see, I have always wanted to keep that promise. I have also asked Father for permission. Once I graduate and become His Highness’ aide, I’m allowed to make a marriage proposal to you as your cousin.”
“Ma, marriage proposal!?”

… Ma… marriage proposal!?

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