Chapter 459.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A, awkward…!
“Your Highness, shall I serve you? What about poison tasting?”

When Oniisama asked His Highness with a grin, His Highness grabbed a plate and chopsticks himself as if he was sulking.

“Don’t be ridiculous. We are of the same status here. Besides, there’s no way the dishes Miss Cristea made would be poisoned, right?”

His Highness then dexterously picked up the karaage with the chopsticks in his hand.

“Oh my, you are very good with the chopsticks, Your Highness.”

I had taught him how to use chopsticks when he was visiting our fief, but it had been so long since then that I had thought he would have forgotten how to use them, so I had brought out a fork especially for him.
I was surprised that he didn’t hesitate to pick up the chopsticks…

“Yeah, I’ve been practicing with Norman from time to time since we got back from the inspection. Everyone was surprised to see what we were up to.”

His Highness grinned.
That’s true.
If you were using chopsticks in this country, where there is no chopstick culture, people would be surprised to see what you were doing.
I was thinking that Oniisama was also getting better at using chopsticks, but I didn’t realize that he was practicing together with His Highness…

“I thought I’d surprise you when I dine with you again, Miss Cristea.”
“Yes, I’m surprised at how well you’re doing.”

Oniisama stopped the smug Prince from putting the karaage into his plate one after another.


“‘Your Highness, please take the other side dishes as well. Not just the meat.”
“I, I was just about to take them.”

His Highness, pointed out by Oniisama, quickly began to take the other side dishes.
Well, boys like meat, don’t they?
After His Highness finished taking his portion, Oniisama, Sei, and Mariel-chan took theirs in that order, and when I finished taking the dishes, we started eating.

“… Yum. This karaage is so tasty!”
“Yeah, as expected, karaage is delicious.”
“What!? You’ve been eating karaage at home!? It’s not fair that you’re eating such delicious food!”
“It’s only natural for me, the older brother, to enjoy Cristea’s lovingly prepared food. Isn’t it? Cristea.”
“Eh? Y, yeah.”

Hoh, I’m glad you’re having fun, Oniisama…

“Cristea-sama, the potato salad is delicious…! As I thought, mayo is justice…!”
“I, I’m glad to hear that…”

Mariel-chan… I won’t say anything bad, but let’s stop piling up the potato salad on your plate into a mountain, okay?
You look pretty with your watery eyes, but it’s ruined by the towering potato salad mountain on your plate, you know!?

“Yes, everything is good. The tamagoyaki is excellent.”
“Thank you, Sei-sama.”

Sei is indeed a chopstick master.
Despite his beautiful gestures, the dishes kept disappearing one after another, which made me think he really is a boy.
Despite the unexpected happenings, the lunchtime was generally enjoyable.

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