Chapter 512.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It’s not a miracle!
“Then, do you want to leave the Knight Course out of your selection?”
“Nope. Tora told me that my swordsmanship is too single-minded and straightforward, and that it would be good for me to learn how to use different weapons. I want to master my current swordsmanship, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that my opponent will use the same one, so it’s also possible to learn how to fight by knowing the differences in our swordsmanship.”

Indeed. Normal swords seem like they would break if used in a fight against a Greatsword. If you know what kind of sword you are facing, you can make the decision to evade, or at worst, avoid a fight.
I don’t know how things would be if the sword were to be made out of Mithril, but… do they even smith swords out of Mithril in Yahatul?

“Well, I’ll try to be careful not to get into any strange habits.”
“Right, I think that’s a good idea.”

… Mariel-chan, stop muttering things like, “Gufufu, how Aoharu…” beside me. That’s not good in many ways!

After observing for a while, we left the training grounds and headed for the research building.

“Next up is today’s main event! The Monsterology Major Course!”

Ta-da! With a smug look that could have had its own sound effect, the presence of multiple creatures could be heard beyond the door of the Monsterology lab.

“Teacher Marlen~! I have brought the students~”

Through the door that Teacher Neil had opened wide, I could see the students looking back at us, accompanied by Magic beasts that looked like familiars.



The small to medium-sized Magic beasts were riding on the shoulders of the masters, the students, or flapping their wings around them, looking very cute.

“Oh, at last. Oh dear, you’ve come a long way to have an old retired guy teach in your place, haven’t you?”

Teacher Marlen got up from his chair while hitting his waist, and came over to us.

“Don’t say it like that, even though you are only a part-time worker now, you are still one of the lecturers of Monsterology, Teacher Marlen. The students are very lucky to be able to attend your valuable lecture.”
“I’m not intending to work like I used to. To let this old man work for you like a cart horse…”
“Teacher Marlen, please don’t make misleading remarks about me, okay!? I just want my students to know about your wonderful knowledge, you know!?”

And so, the senior students were watching the exchange between Teacher Marlen, who was feigning crying, and Teacher Neil, who was hurriedly making excuses, and were whispering, “Both of them talk too long…”, and “I wish he would hurry up and move on to the next step.”
I understand. Teacher Marlen’s lectures are too long-winded, aren’t they…
As soon as I entered the laboratory while agreeing with the seniors, Suzaku-sama’s feather in my pocket softly took on a magic power and covered my whole body.
Eh, what was this?
The people around me didn’t seem to notice, but Sei looked at me as if the same thing had happened to him.

“This, we were covered by Suzaku-sama’s magic power… right?”
“Yeah. Like this, it’ll block out any sign of the other Sacred beasts, so they won’t be alarmed. In my case, it probably eliminated any sign of Tora and others.”

I see. So if there is only the presence of Suzaku-sama, who has already conquered(?) this place, there will be no panic for the time being.

“It seems that we should let them get used to us while gradually diminishing the presence of Suzaku, but…”

Hmm. That way, I can let them get used to Kurogane and Mashiro’s presence little by little, too.

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