Chapter 512.1

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It’s not a miracle!
“Well then~ next up is the Knight Course~”

We arrived at the training hall, with Teacher Neil leading the way, and observed the class from a space prepared for visitors.
The place was covered with defensive magic between the viewing area and the training hall to prevent accidents such as weapons bouncing or flying toward the visitors.
If it’s like this here, we should have observed the Advanced Course in Magic Studies from similar seats that were present in the place to avoid the magic from running out of control.
The fact that we observed it so closely may have been Teacher Neil’s intention from the beginning to have me demonstrate.
… Teacher Neil, you are going on a diet of coarse food for a while.

“Ah! That’s my Older brother!”

Adry-sama shouted happily.
Ahead of us stood a man in a Knight’s uniform, a head taller than the students and with a face similar to Adry-sama’s.

“My Older brother is a member of the Knights Order now that he has graduated from the academy, but sometimes he’s sent out to teach Knight Courses like this. Since he was so good at teaching his classmates and underclassmen while he was still in the academy, he was asked to teach the younger students by our Father… I mean, by the head of the Knights Order himself.”

Adry-sama looked at his brother proudly with sparkling eyes.
I guess Adry-sama is Oniichan’s boy.

“Wafun… sibling love… how precious…”
“…… Mariel-san?”

That dies-from-moe heart of yours needs to cool down quickly, okay?
I can activate my Ice magic at any time, okay?
Mariel-chan freaked out, perhaps sensing something in my voice.

“Hiya, hiyai!… I’m sorry.”

I’m not sure if this is an acceptable hobby in this world, but I don’t think it’s safe to be open about it.
You have to be very careful with it. Mariel-chan.
Observing the students from a distance while watching the practice from the observation seats, I found that the boys were in the front row with their eyes enthralled.
While the boys were getting excited, only Ronnie-sama seemed to be completely uninterested in the Knight Course and was eagerly reading a book about magic tools that he had brought with him.
Alicia-sama sat behind me, and I was too scared to turn around… but I could feel her prickling gaze on me from behind.
The other girls are sitting in the front and talking about which seniors were the coolest and so on.
How nice, they seem to be having fun. When I told Mariel-chan about it, she said, “I’m sure those two are made for each other, aren’t they!?” or “Oh, don’t you think they’re smiling because they seem to have a crush on each other!?” She wouldn’t stop her nonsense… In fact, she was fidgeting right now, watching the practice session.
… Let’s keep quiet.
I looked at Sei and saw that, unlike the other boys, he was sitting next to me and watching the practice seriously.

“Why don’t you go sit in front, Sei?”

He looked to be concentrating when I called out to him, so he showed a startled face.

“Ah, yeah… as I thought, the swordsmanship here is quite different from Yahatul’s…”

Indeed, what Sei was training in the morning practice was like kendo from my previous life, using what looked like a wooden sword!
Therefore, I’m sure that his weapon of choice should be similar to the Japanese katana of my previous life.

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