Chapter 512.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It’s not a miracle!
Just as I was about to take my first step inside, Sei spoke to me with a hint of hesitation.

“I’m a little worried that Kurogane-dono and Mashiro-dono might follow Tora, because he said it would be troublesome and get them used to him tonight…”


“… That’s going to cause the children here to die of shock, so we will have to do everything we can to stop them.”
“I agree. I’ll tell Tora to stop, too.”
“Please do.”

I will borrow the feather from Suzaku-sama for a while and try my best to get them used to us step by step.
The Magic Beasts didn’t panic when we entered the lab, so it seems that Suzaku-sama’s feathers had an effect.
It seems that some of them looked at us a little strangely or hid behind their masters to stay as far away as possible, but I think we can manage this much.

“Whoa~! I also want to get my own Magic Beast as soon as possible.”

Adry-sama looked all around the room excitedly.

“In Monsterology, we also have the practice of summoning familiars. If you wish, you can make a contract with a Magic Beast that way. However, you will have to take care of it yourself. In the major course, you must make a contract with one and take care of it.”

Teacher Neil’s words excited the students, who had been restless looking at the familiars.
The senior students were looking at us smiling, but they look a little tired… Well, it’s not easy to take care of animals if you are not used to it.

“Umm, are there no large magic Beasts in here?”

Teacher Neil was about to answer Adry-sama’s question when he was interrupted by Teacher Marlen.

“Large Magic Beasts often have a great deal of magic power. Therefore, you must have the power to suppress and subdue them, or you will not even be able to summon them. That would be too difficult for you.”

I started thinking something bad was going to happen when Adry-sama turned towards me and Sei, and Teacher Marlen, stroking his beard, looked as if he was about to begin a long lecture.


“… So that means Sei and Miss Cristea must have an incredible amount of magic power, right!?”

At those words, the gazes were focused at us all at once.
Ugh, I certainly have too much magic power, but…

“No, a contract with a Magic Beast that becomes your familiar is something that can be forced with power, but a contract with a Sacred Beast is something that depends on the compatibility of the magic powers of the Sacred Beast and the person who will be its master.”
“That’s right. The Sacred Beasts, which already possess a vast amount of magic power, are said to seek comfort, and if they meet a person with a magic power that is comfortable for them, they would want to immediately enter into a contract with them.”

… My children were attracted to the food, though. No, is it the magic power contained within the food?

“Compatibility, you say… isn’t that just luck…”

The other students’ words were full of emotion, and Teacher Marlen nodded his head.

“Exactly. The Sacred Beast Contract is luck, or in other words, fate. It is something that is meant to be. Therefore, no matter how much I or Neil, who have been studying it for a long time, have pursued it, if we don’t have the fate, we can’t form a contract.”

At the words of Teacher Marlen, everyone fell silent.
Some of the seniors were looking at us as if they had seen a miracle.
Stop it, I won’t be able to endure.
My children are just gluttons.
If anything, we were brought together by Byakko-sama, so it’s not a miracle or anything!

“That’s right, it’s unfortunate, but it is what it is. However, I have not given up yet! I strongly believe that there is a Sacred Beast out there that would be a good match for me!”

When Teacher Neil declared strongly, Mentor Marlen and the other senior students looked at him with suspicious eyes.

“I think it’s time for you to give up for the sake of the Sacred Beasts.”
“Eh!? Whyyy!?”

Seeing the senior students nodding their heads in agreement with Teacher Marlen’s words, Teacher Neil’s eyes were filled with tears.
Yes, I think so too.

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