Chapter 513.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Gotta give them plenty of love!
After that, we were allowed to touch the senior members’ familiars. Although they didn’t make a fuss, Sei and I were subtly avoided by the Magic Beasts, so we ended up just watching from afar as everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Oh, some of them were so cute and fluffy, but I couldn’t even touch them… this is sad.

“C, Cristea-san, you will be able to touch them once the lessons start… for sure.”

Mariel-chan, it makes me even sadder when you try to comfort me while averting your gaze.
Mariel-chan knows Mashiro and Kurogane’s possessiveness, so she can never tell me she’s certain. Yeah, I know that too…
In the meantime, I’m going to sublimate this incomplete mofu lust by brushing Mashiro and Kurogane…

“Come to think of it, can we summon familiars, too?”
“…! N, now that you remind me…”

I wonder if there are any monsters that will respond to our summons now that we are already under a Sacred Beast contract.

“Umm… in the case of the two of you, shouldn’t we be worried about the rank of the monsters that will be summoned instead…?”

Mariel-chan’s words took me aback.
R, right.
I have a lot of magic power, but I also have a history of attracting Kaguya, so I wonder what kind of giant monster would come to me if I were to summon them…

“… I suppose we should consult with Teacher Neil or Teacher Marlen beforehand.”
“Y, yeah…”

We left the research building and the fluffers with painful reluctance.

After the tour, we returned to the classroom and Teacher Neil stood at the podium with handouts in his hands.


“Now that we’ve gone through each course briefly, if you want to make any changes or additions, I will be happy to discuss them with you now. So, fill out the form I’m going to hand out now with the courses you’ve chosen, and turn it in tomorrow.”

He handed the handouts to a student in front, who took one and passed the rest around from the front to back.
The handout was an application form for the selected courses, and if there were no changes from what we discussed the other day, you can simply fill out the form and submit it.

“If there’s no need for a consultation, we’ll call it a day. Oh, yeah, be careful not to be late for tomorrow morning’s class, because the beginner’s lesson for Magical Studies starts tomorrow morning. Then, you’re dismissed for today!”

At the sound of Teacher Neil’s voice, the students began to move, some leaving the classroom, others rushing to Teacher Neil for consultation.
I can ask Teacher Neil about the familiars later…

“Are you going straight to your dormitory, Cristea-san?”

Mariel-chan looked at me as she put away her handout.

“Yes, that was my intention. What about you, Sei?”
“Yeah, we can consult with Teacher Neil later in the dormitory.”

Sei seemed to be thinking the same thing as I was, so he put the handout in a paper clip and got up from his seat.

“Umm, then, could you please give me a little advice on something?”

Mariel-chan asked me with a cute twinkle in her eye, so I said yes immediately.
Mariel-chan, you would be so cute if you weren’t so rotten. She really is a regrettable “beautiful girl whom I want to protect” type…

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