Chapter 462.1

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Breakfast is important.
The next morning. I woke up early as usual, and after finishing my daily routine of yoga, I got ready and headed for the dining hall.

“Good morning.”
“Oh my, Cristea-sama, good morning to you too. The rice has just finished cooking.”

When I entered the kitchen in the dining room, Suzaku-sama was about to take the earthenware pot off the fire.

“Thank you, Suzaku-sama.”
“This much is nothing.”

Today Suzaku-sama had her hair pulled back into a single bun, giving her a crisp look.
Perhaps it was because I told everyone to be thorough about hygiene when I taught them how to cook, she started to tie her hair in a bun when she cooked.

I recommended that she wear a triangular bandana, but she gently declined the suggestion. I thought it would look good on her.
I took out my usual apron and bandana from my inventory, and quickly put them on.
Kurogane and Mashiro wiped off the table, and I also asked them to prepare the cutlery.


“Now then, what should I use for today’s miso soup?”

As for the dashi (soup stock), Miria had left me kombu (kelp) and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) in a bowl of water, so I took it out of the refrigeration room and had Suzaku-sama strain it through a colander into a pot.
I think a combination of kombu and niboshi (dried sardines) would be better for miso soup, so I’ll have to check with the Bastea Company next time to see if they have niboshi.
I kept the rest of the dashi in my inventory.
When I have enough saved up, I can chop them into small pieces, dry roast them, and season them with soy sauce, sake, mirin, etc. to make furikake.
It can be used as it is as furikake, or as an ingredient for rice balls, as it makes a good accompaniment to rice!
In the meantime, I took out cabbage from the vegetable room and cut it into chunks, and continued with carrots cut into strips and other easy-to-eat shapes.
I simmered the cabbage and carrots in the soup stock, and when they were cooked and tender, I dissolved miso, and the soup was complete.
Simple things are good for breakfast, but with the classes starting today, I wanted to have a hearty breakfast miso soup with lots of ingredients. I wouldn’t want to starve while in the classes.

Oh, I wish I had some tofu or fried tofu here… to get nigari (bittern), I’d have to make it with sea salt, which is going to be difficult to do for me now…
I think I’ll still try to find legumes similar to chickpeas and experiment with them. I’m sure I can make tofu from chickpeas without nigari…
I would also like to have Koya Tofu (freeze-dried tofu), but I wonder if it exists in this world. I love eating Koyu Tofu with my dashi.
But I don’t think people can understand what “Koya-Tofu” is in this world. Oh, I wonder if they woulld understand if I told them it’s freeze-dried tofu instead?

After I get settled, I’ll have to go back to the Bastea Company.
I cracked the eggs and beat them rhythmically, then added dashi mixed with soy sauce and mirin and mixed it in further.
I poured oil into a frying pan over medium heat, poured in the egg mixture, and when it was half-boiled, I rolled the egg from the back to the front, pushed the rolled egg to the back, poured in the egg mixture again, and repeated the usual procedure… until the dashimaki tamago was complete. I made a few of those, cut them into bite-size pieces, and put them on a platter.

After that, I grilled the Sharken with salt…
Everyone eats a lot of food, so it’s also a lot that needs to be prepared.
I decided to continue with the buffet style because it would be hard to serve the food otherwise.
If people want to have another helping, they can do so freely.
I divided the portions for Seiryu-sama and Genbu-sama in advance and gave them to Suzaku-sama, who will store them in her inventory, and deliver them later.

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