Chapter 461.2

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It’s depressing…
“And because Norman-sama is already aware about your situation, I’m sure the two of you will be able to spend a lot of time together with Cristea-sama, Kurogane-sama, Mashiro-sama…”

“Miria, I just found out about this today, so I’m going to take my time to calm down and consider it thoroughly. I just enrolled in the academy, too. I might be able to find someone good in the future too, no?”
“Eh? Yeah, well, that’s right, but…”

I know that Miria is thinking about me when she said that.
But I’m only ten years old now.
Well, my heart and soul are that of an adult because of my past life’s memories, though.
It’s too high a hurdle for me, a mourning woman in a previous life and a little girl in the present…!
Please, let me think more slowly!?

“Rather than that, I’m more worried about tomorrow’s classess…”

Namely, about the blonde drills girl, Alicia Gruzier.

“Ahh… are you worried about that Alicia Gruzier you have talked about before?”
“Yeah. I’m afraid that she might continue to be hostile and snap at me, which would be quite troubling…”

Since I’m an adult in mind, I should be able to endure, but Oniisama might not if she goes overboard, and things could get pretty bad for everyone. The other party is from a Marquis’ household, so if there’s any trouble, it’s going to get ugly.
But even so, Otousama and Oniisama are likely to be merciless, so I really have to be careful.
As expected, it wouldn’t be good for her reputation if she had to leave the academy as soon as she entered…

“I will deal with the offender for you then.”
“That’s right, anyone who causes you trouble will be dealt with by us, Cristea!”
“No, you can’t do that, okay! I beg you, please don’t use such violent words!”

I beg the two of you, please be obedient, okay!?
As I was quieting them down, Miria said as she remembered something while clearing away the dishes

“She’s the daughter of Marquis Gruzier, right? I’m sure she has two older brothers, but Alicia-sama was born quite late and was raised with a lot of love from her family…”
“Y, you are very knowledgeable…”
“There are rumors among the maids who work at the girls’ dormitory that she’s very difficult to serve… ah, the word only reached me a little earlier.”

She laughed as if to deceive me, but she seems to enjoy rumors quite a lot?
The maid network is frightening.
I wonder what kind of rumors would there be about me if I entered the girls’ dormitory… entering the special dormitory might have been a good deal for me.

“Until your magic power stabilized and the rumors about your cooking started circulating, Alicia-sama was the top candidate for Prince Raymond’s fiancée. Perhaps that’s why the Marquis’ Gruzier’s household was quite upset when rumors began to circulate that you might be a new candidate.”
“… I’m surprised Otousama didn’t tell me anything.”

I’m sure your Otousama must have taken a lot of heat from the rumors that worsened my reputation back then…

“Marquis Gruzier is part of one of the most powerful factions in the nobility, so I’m sure they didn’t let Master meddle too much into these matters. Besides…”

There, Miria hesitated to speak.

“Master seemed to be very much in agreement with the idea of not wanting to name you as a potential fiancée, so he didn’t have to do anything about it…”

O, Otousama!
Why don’t I make you a big feast when I return home the next time!?

“Anyhow, I think we have no choice but to make Alicia-sama understand that you have no intention of obtaining that kind of status.”
“I guess that’s the only way… I will consult with Mariel-san tomorrow.”
“Please do that.”

I gave Miria her dinner and told her to retire, then I headed to the bath to recover from today’s fatigue.

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