Chapter 149

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Thank you, thank you.
“Hmmm… however, it’s rare for my fellow countrymen to be adventurers in a foreign country.”
“Is that so?”

Indeed, there might not be many biracial people from Yahatul. Their appearances are Oriental, so they would stand out, wouldn’t they?

“Yeah… the sense of value here is different, so the president also said that living here for a long time would be difficult.”
“Come to think of it, Bastea Company’s president is…”

He has somewhat Oriental-ish facial features, does he not…?

“Yeah, his mother was apparently a person with Yahatul origins.”

According to what I heard, the previous president’s mistress was a person from Yahatul, and fortunately or unfortunately, he was blessed with many children and the presidents changed one after another until the present time, where the president inherited the business.
His very much favored mother frequently ordered food from Yahatul, so she wouldn’t forget the flavor of her motherland and before long, they started dealing mainly with Yahatul goods.

Bastea Company’s food products went through such a drama…
I’m receiving benefits thanks to that too. Thank you~

“I wonder if it would be difficult to live in a foreign country after all…”
“Probably. Many preparations were done in my case, so I’m living well, but…”
“Is that so…”
“Well, you would be able to manage since it’s you.”
“… What do you mean?”
“You have powerful guards, strong magical power, and the food knowledge that is necessary to keep living. I believe you would be able to manage some way or another.”

… Did he want to say that I have high survival ability?

“Well… if you want to flee the country, then I would welcome you in Yahatul if the state affairs calm downed by that time, so please consult with me if something happens.”
“Oh my, fufu. I will consult with you if something happens then.”

I have no doubt that I would be able to survive in Yahatul. In the eating habits meaning.

“Lord, you better not leave us behind when you flee the country, alright?”
“Will follow, Cristea, okay?”
“Fufu, thank you. Mashiro, Kurogane.”

I thoroughly enjoy the mofumofu from both my sides. Ah~ my children are so cute!

“You are getting along, quite well now, huh.”

Byakko-sama who was in his human form acting as a guard laughed while looking at the scene.

“”It’s not like we get along.””

No, you are perfectly in sync you know?

“I apologize for Tora for that time… seriously, only doing unnecessary things for Miss Cristea…”
“What are you saying, I did that for Ojou’s sake…”

Although Sei apologized for Byakko-sama, the person in question just complained with no malice.

“I was startled the time he suddenly told me to contract a sacred beast, but… I’m having fun now, so I appreciate it.”
“You should restrain yourself a bit more!”

Ka-pow! O-Sei-chan smacked Byakko-sama’s face with a folding fan. T, that looked painful… hey, isn’t that an iron-ribbed fan??
Byakko-sama suppressed his voice and let out a voiceless, painful groan… whoa. Sei doesn’t hold back even against sacred beasts, huh.

Said Cristea who had no self-awareness.

It looked very painful, so let’s offer the pitiful Byakko-sama the promised food…

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