Chapter 269

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What are his real intentions?
Even though I searched for a method of meeting with Leon-sama, I couldn’t come up with a good idea at all.

1. Ask to get introduced to Leon-sama at Lily-sama’s tea party.
… I would be asked about the reason, so this is not good.

2. I could request Prince Ray to arrange a meeting with the premise of thanking him for the time at the party.
… Prince Ray aside, it would become truly troublesome was His Majesty made aware of it, so that’s a no.

3. Write a letter.
… There would be nothing I could do were the contents of the letter made known to someone else.


“Hmm… no matter what, me meeting with Leon-sama itself is unnatural…”

Haa… letting out a sigh, bofun! I plopped on the bed.

… What do I have to do to talk with Leon-sama directly?

I wonder if I should stay a watch on the market to catch him?

… That’s not too realistic.

On top of conveying to Leon-sama that Kurogane and Mashiro have no spirit of rebellion, I want to ask him the reason he is keeping it silent.

I persuaded Kurogane so that he wouldn’t fight pointless battles after Leon-sama’s warning, so he’s being obedient now, but…

Why does Leon-sama not report to His Majesty that I have contracted Sacred Beasts?

On top of not reporting about having contracted a Sacred Beast, that Sacred Beast might be the very Fenrir he has fought on equal terms in the past… Normally, you would be thinking something like “Ain’t she plotting a rebellion?”, wouldn’t you?
Furthermore, when there are multiple contracts.

Of course, I don’t have a single thought of rebelling, so I would like to convey that properly… however.

Leon-sama is currently keeping quiet about it, so there’s no merit to it?

… Is he perhaps assuming that I’m plotting against the royalty and trying to catch the mastermind while my actions are accompanied by panic… or something?

No, no. To go that far for a ten years old child would be a… bit… maybe… not… I think.

Hmm, I can’t tell his real intentions at all.

It can’t be helped, I will get scolded, but I should consult with Otousama…
Let’s take it slow for today and think about it again tomorrow… yeah, let’s do that.

By the way, the security has secretly told Otousama about the matter of me getting lost, so when Otousama returned home “You are too careless!”, I was scolded severely…
That being the case, that’s all the scolding I can take for today…

I will get scolded tomorrow as well, huh… slipping into the bed while sighing out, I closed my eyes.

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