Chapter 243

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Preparing to leave is a difficult for a lady.
“Tie it more, more… even more.”
“O… Okaasama. Didn’t… gu, didn’t you say that… tying too much… is not… necessary… gue!”

The next day. I was in the midst of being dressed up for Queen-sama’s tea party.
Rather than dressing up, I was getting strangled… guee…

“Stop raising such disgraceful voices. Other tea parties aside, even though this might be a private party, there’s no way you shouldn’t dress up beautifully.”
“Okaasama… it won’t make much difference no matter how much I dress up…”

That’s right. No matter how a child like me dresses up, I would just be seen as pushing myself.
Would the surroundings see me as charming, or will they see me as shrewd? Which is it?

In that case, wouldn’t it be better to dress appropriately for my age?
I argued to Okaasama.

“… You think so? Because your speech and conduct are more mature than that of girls your age, wouldn’t you rather seem cheeky when dressing appropriately for your age?”

Fah!? Is that so? I have had no opportunity to come in touch with girls my age, so I can’t really tell!?
When I glanced at Miria, she nodded her head. Eh? Is that so?

“I occasionally forgot that Cristea-sama is nine years old…”

… Seriously? I mean, I don’t remember because it has been a long time since I have been nine years old in my past life, and thanks to the Spartan manner studies, I was under the impression that this conduct is given for a noble young lady, you know!?

“That’s the case, so give up. Miria, tie it a little tighter.”

Miria apologetically put her strength into it and pulled on the corset’s strings.

Uguu… ha! Right!

“Right, right, Okaasama? I have made a new type of pastry yesterday as a present for Queen-sama.”
“… Did you say a new type of pastry!?”

Okaasama’s eyes shot open.
Alright, she took the bait!

“Yes. It’s a new product made with apples. Once given to Queen-sama, she will surely want to eat them right away.”
“… That might be the case…”

Hearing about the new product, Okaasama started fidgeting. She’s curious about what kind of pastry it is, no doubt.

“… However, with both Okaasama and me tied up this tightly, we surely won’t be able to try a single mouthful, right? That’s why I’m thinking of handing the new type of pastry to Queen-sama just as we are about to return.”

Okaasama abruptly stood up with a shock written all over her face. Got her.

“Wouldn’t it be sad not being able to eat even though it was right in front of us… Okaasama wouldn’t like that too, right? However, it’s unfortunate but… let’s do that, okay? Besides, it doesn’t seem that I will be able to slowly make pastry for a while… just watching as Queen-sama eats would be like a slow death…”

I told her regrettably.

“… Miria. As I thought, loosen up the corset a little. Also, help to loosen mine a little as well.”
“… I understand.”

Miria loosened my corset with a wry smile.

Yay~! Let’s continue in this manner!

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