Chapter 242

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s have the fresh and piping hot one.
When the oven’s door was opened, the good smell of apple pie spread out together with the warm air.

Whoaaaa… it smells so nice!
When it comes to the smell of freshly baked apple pie… you can feel unlimited happiness, don’t you!

“Ohh… this is… what a mellow fragrance…”

Head Chef and Shin were entranced.

“This one is for sampling, so let’s give it a try.”
“Is that all right!?”
“Of course. I made it with that intention after all. Shall we make a new apple tea with it?”
“Yes! Thank you very much!!”

I put the main star pie in the oven, so it’s time to enjoy the sampling.

“””Let’s dig in.”””

Actually, vanilla ice cream is the best with a freshly baked apple pie, but it’s not like I could take it out from the Inventory in the royal palace, so I decided to sample it in the same way this time. When I told Head Chef that it would be even tastier when garnished with ice cream or fresh cream, he diligently added it in his memo.

I cut it into a mouthful piece with a fork and carry it to my mouth.
Just as I put it into my mouth, the softness and the sweet sourness of apples spread through and melted together with the creaminess of the custard cream. What an unexplainable deliciousness.
The cinnamon accent comes out and deepens the flavor even further.

“… Delicious. This is wonderful! For those sour apples to turn into something so delicious…! I thought I experienced that deliciousness with the apple jam alone, but matched with this custard cream, the sweet sourness is prominent… and yet, to be so harmonious… pastry doesn’t have to be just sweet. That’s what this apple pie has taught me…”

Head Chef narrated eloquently with his eyes closed.
O… oh… what a great review, huh. You don’t have to be this moved…

“Moreover, this pie… is it? Is crisp but soft around the cream… I have no words for its combination with the texture of apples…!”

His deeply impressed food reportage wouldn’t stop. What is it, are there no people in this world who don’t turn into food reporters after eating something delicious??

A, anyhow! The apple pie was a huge success, so I don’t have to worry about giving it as a present tomorrow, right?


“… that being the case, this is the apple pie I baked some time ago. The shape of the one I want to give to Queen-sama is slightly different, but… I made one for sampling.”

I took out the mini apple pie I made lastly in my room for Oniisama, Mashiro, Kurogane and Kaguya.
It’s cute, but too small and a bit… no, considerably unshapely, so showing that to Queen-sama would be…
Since it’s like that, I thought of giving it to Oniisama and others to eat. It’s just a little bit, but I decided to treat them.


“Hee… a pastry in the shape of a flower. That’s incredible.”
“I’m ashamed as it’s unshapely, but… I guarantee the taste.”

I’m a little embarrassed after getting praised by Oniisama. Ehehe.

“The flower is cute! May I eat?”

Mashiro stared at the apple pie with sparkling eyes.

“Yes, go ahead and eat. Here, have a tea made with apples as well.”

I have also taught the method of making the apple tea to Miria. Of course, I also shared one with Miria.

“Hou… this apple tea goes well with pastry.”

Kurogane muttered in admiration.

“I added apple skins and core together with tea leaves. It’s the same apples so it will naturally go well together.”
“Humph… the top is mellow, the crispness of the bottom is amusing.”

Kaguya’s pitch black face was smeared with custard cream and pieces of pie all over as she chomped down on it.
Ah, cool down the apple tea a little and put it next to your plate? Yes, yes.

“Miria, have a try soon too, okay?”
“Eh? Umm… is that okay?”
“Of course! I want you to tell me your impressions.”
“Y, yes… then… nku…… n. I, it’s delicious…! Very much!”

Yeah. Her calm smile crumbled the moment she tried it and I understand from her expression that she found it delicious even without talking.

Fufu. I can tell that everyone likes it very much without having to listen to what they say.

Alright, I will do my best to bring this as a present tomorrow!

… I have no plan whatsoever though!

How about conveying how much I like and love and don’t want to leave from our fief over a delicious pastry… would that not be good? Ugh.

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