Chapter 241

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Now, let’s finish it!
Finishing this morning’s penance, I, who had a light lunch made my way to the kitchen.

“Cristea-sama! I was waiting for you! I will take out that pie crust thing from yesterday!”

Saying such, Head Chef excitedly hurried to the cold room.

In the meanwhile, I asked Shin to prepare the necessary tools including the rolling pin.
Shin who worked at various places since youth already knew where the tools are and whom to ask, so the preparations advanced briskly.

“Now then… I will be finishing it from now on.”
“First, the pie crust. Sprinkling flour on the table, we will put the pie crust on top of it and stretch it with the rolling pin.”

Shin is used to this operation from making Ulong… rather, Udon, so I left it to him.
Shin skillfully stretched the pie crust with the rolling pin. I stopped him once the thickness was about 5 millimeters, folded it in three and had him stretch it again. After repeating the process one more time, I put it to rest in the cold room. Only for a moment though.
After making the apple jam that was popular among the servants this morning in the meanwhile, Head Chef had the apples peeled and cores removed, and then we chatted while drinking the apple tea.

Because Head Chef saw me make it the last evening, he can already make it skillfully. He had a memo by the side which seemed to be the recipe he has written down yesterday. Because I didn’t want to write a recipe for the apple jam the last evening as the process was basically the same with other jams, he must have written it himself… will he send this recipe to the fief as well?

Repeating the folding in three two times after the resting time, the pie crust was completed. After that, I made a custard cream. When Head Chef silently tasted it with great interest “This is…! So rich, it would be best for making sweets!” he exclaimed in excitement.

“Now then, let’s complete it.”

Spreading the pie sheet that was stretched to about 3 millimeters in thickness on an iron plate, I spread custard cream on top, and line up the simmered apples I made yesterday. I put another sheet on top of it, close it by pressing a fork against it, and paint it with egg yolk.
Oh, I have to make a small one for sampling, don’t I?

In the meanwhile, I don’t forget heat up the latest magic oven which temperature is regulated by a magic stone.

When ready, I put in the test pie first.
All that’s left is waiting for it to bake.


… But, there still some pie crust left. A little bit of simmered apples too.
… Why don’t I give it a try?

I put the pie crust on a shallow, small plate and cut off the excess.
After spreading custard cream on top, I coil the simmered apples around the center.
After raising the pie crust on the sides like Shumai, I painted them with egg yolk.

I tried making the mini pie into the shape of a rose.
… It might be a bit clumsy, but I would like if you didn’t expect such delicate molding ability from me.
Anyhow, I tried making several and the last one looked the best… or it should.

“This is beautiful! To make sweets in the shape of lovely flowers!”

Uaah… I’m unable to endure praise like that over such poor-quality molding, so please stop…!

“Things like this, I bet Head Chef will be more skillful in this than me. Your arrangement of food was also beautiful.”
“No need to be humble. Cristea-sama has the creative power we lack. Chefs like us have to rack our brains in order to faithfully follow the recipes, we don’t have such playfulness. They really are wonderful.”
“T, that so… thank you.”

Creative power… that makes me feel even worse… it’s knowledge obtained from my past life after all.
I only do trial and error in order to try recreating that in this world…

“I also can’t stay a boring chef like this! I will surely show you a dish that will make you growl, Cristea-sama!”

Head Chef declared with determination while breathing through his nose.
I think you are sufficiently incredible even now though…?

Well, if new delicious recipes born through my recipes then I’m fine with that… I think? Even if my gluttony surfaces, it would be pretty all right…

It seems that the apple pie finished baking in the meanwhile.

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